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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Anime Milwaukee (Vlog 3.12)
Posted Mar 2, 2009 - 21:15:59

I go down to Anime Milwaukee 2.5 in... Milwaukee. It's a rather small anime convention and while imperfect, it was still a lot of fun. Needless to say, I brought along the camera and took plenty of footage.

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Music in this post was a Lt. Snorkel track you can find on the album if you're so inclined. That's about all I have to say on the music front.

Anime Milwaukee was a lot of fun. And yes, you could totally avoid badge checkers by taking a route through the Men's room. For those of you who might look at me with disdain, the staff is very much aware of this and I'm assured it won't be a hole in their plan next year.

But there's something fun about avoiding security by going through a bathroom.

Crysta and I went down to Milwaukee on Friday night but didn't get there until very late. Crashing for the night at my parent's house, we headed out to the con on Saturday morning. It was held at the UWM student Union, and actually was laid out pretty well in that facility. I know people complained about the layout last year, but they seem to have resolved that issue.

Their biggest problem was the same problem most young conventions have: not enough staff. Anything I really had a problem with all can be traced back to that one fundamental issue of manpower.

We hung out quite a bit with various other No Brandish peoples, and spent most of the time just enjoying ourselves. The cosplay contest was alright (I've been to worse, I've been to better), but I will say it wasn't the best for the entire line of people to be brought in front of the audience ahead of time. Part of the fun of watching a cosplay contest is to be surprised by who is coming out next...

...and we'd already seen everyone.

So, while imperfect, it was fun. I'll go back again next year -- and maybe send some of my mooks to help them out.

On Sunday we drove back and got back to Eau Claire with enough time to watch this week's Dollhouse on Hulu. All in all, a 100% successful trip.
- Traegorn

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Ahh I sooo missed out the bathroom loop hole fun.....good times
You would have had fun
I was going to be there, but I wasn't able to go. Sad. However, I will be at geek.kon. Can't make NBC this year, prior commitments.

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