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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Strange Searches Aren't Filler
Posted Nov 15, 2008 - 14:58:48

 Okay, so maybe they are a little bit filler, but you're getting them none the less. For those of you who don't know how the game is played, I routinely go through's long referral logs and see how people got to my site. I do this for a myriad of reasons, including to check which sites drive more traffic to my humble experiment in digital creativity, but one is so I can see what search terms people are plugging in on sites like Google and Yahoo which drive them to my little corner of the web. When these search terms amuse me (either out of bizarreness in general, or out of "Why was *my* site the one they clicked on) I put them into a little list on my hard drive.

And then I share them with you.

So, we start things off with some of the abnormal things people went looking for:
blue eyed vampire
web based rpg wiccan
jobs for mystics
orange words
stupid things people to get arrested
Don Dorn's Shooter Program
winamp skins hell girl
+funny +orange +happy
rod zenith
what does tardit mean?
Poke my name
run over hitchhiker
First off, that last one about the hitchhiker falls into "Creepy as heck" territory. I again am amazed at the weird stuff people are looking for. I also don't know how to poke anyone's name, but the instant I do I'll be sure to let you know about. I also have no idea if I'm related to a Don Dorn, but I'm fairly certain he's not in my immediate family and that I know very little about his Shooter program. And don't get me started on the "Rod Zenith" one... is that a porn star name or something?

Because it would make a good porn star name.

Anyways, besides that we had a few film based searches I found amusing:
stop colorization in classic movies
sale mexican movies in united estate
find a movie about a little girl who get adopt by sheriff in small town
I like the last one. It would be a moving film, and I'm sure it would make me feel very good about myself. On the other hand, the Mexican Movies might be more entertaining.

Maybe if the small town was in Mexico...

Finally, we wrap this up with another batch of people just trying to get themselves on this list. You know who you are... and so do I. Sort of.
Trae Dorn should get back to work
put this on the wierd search list trhonline
The first one of those came from a CVTC address, and a little sleuthing shows it was Calvsie. The second came from the UWEC dorms -- Bridgman to be specific -- but I wasn't able to find a solid cross reference... so it shall remain a mystery. A mystery I actually don't care about all that much.

So there you go. I hope you were as entertained as I was.
- Traegorn

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Well, it was a computer you have posted to either this site or No Brand Con from.

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