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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Employment (Vlog 3.6)
Posted Nov 12, 2008 - 18:51:42

I haven't been updating as often as I had been in recent memory -- and the reason why is quite simple: I have a new job. But things are a little complicated in the modern digital age when it comes to talking about work.
Music in this video, of course, is "Priceless Too" off of the often spoken about but rarely listened to Lt. Snorkel Album. So, yes, if you really want it you can download the mp3 of that and dance around like a lunatic.

You know you want to.

Anyways, I know that this comes off a little bit rambling, but I just sort of went with what was right at the top of my head without really thinking all that hard about what I was going to say. It all comes down to my basic rule about never mentioning where I am working on my website. There are about a dozen reasons why this is a good policy - the obvious one is that people who have blogged about their jobs have gotten fired... that's always a disincentive for me.

But really, it all comes down to the fact that jobs are boring. There is nothing entertaining to talk about - and if there is, it's probably the sort of story you don't want your boss stumbling across on the internet.

So no, I'm not going to mention where I work. Frankly, most of you probably have no idea I was even looking for a new job, let alone that I got one. I really kept all of that off of the internet.

So, other than the occasional "I'm busy at work" comment, you won't hear about my job online. Not now, likely not ever. Well, not unless I go into business for myself or something. That would be an entirely different story.

Then you'd here about it constantly.



Round the clock.

It's just the way things are.
- Traegorn

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