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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Alternate Uses for a 3DO (Vlog 3.4)
Posted Nov 3, 2008 - 9:03:28

Think a 3DO is just good for playing obscure video games from the mid-nineties that no one's ever heard of? Well, guess again! In this video I continue my recent video game theme and show some great new uses for this otherwise forgotten console.
I mention the "FZ-11" in the video, but I really meant to say "FZ-10." I was tired and made a slight slip. It's okay though, because the FZ-10 is far inferior to the FZ-1. The FZ-10 wouldn't even know who Freud is.

Music in this entry was, of course, "A Happy Song (For the Blue Yarn Kid)" off of the new Lt. Snorkel album. I originally considered going with a different piece, but after trying several different songs out, this is the one that seemed to fit the tone of the video the best.

I think I get too picky for these things though.

I in part produced this video for the new Rising Stuff website, which is why you'll find it over there as well. I think that fun diversions like this need to pop up here and again to remind us that life isn't all that serious. How do I know this? Because life is full of things like the 3DO.

I know that possibly made no sense whatsoever, but I'm going with it for right now.

I mentioned it on the TRHOnline forums, but I thought I'd point out again that my van is actually operational again. I know, it's a miracle. Okay, so it's less a "miracle" and more a "mechanic" that fixed it, but in any case I'm thankful to have an operational vehicle again. There is nothing that makes you more thankful for the terrible car you own than being without it for a couple of weeks.

You gain a bit of perspective.

But this means that everything is on track for the Daisho Con trip later this month, not to mention the various family gatherings sprinkled throughout the month (including Thanksgiving). I'm going out of town three of the remaining four weekends in this month... it's frightening. But the open road is not so bad...

...or something. I think.

- Traegorn

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If only the Playdia was nearly as useful.
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