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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Lt. Snorkel Album is Released
Posted Oct 30, 2008 - 18:43:43

Lt. SnorkelWell, it's official. I finally got around to finishing and releasing the much talked about (only by me) and anticipated (only by me) Lt. Snorkel album. Well, sort of. I've launched it as a free download.

Free is good.

So, without further ado, please feel free to download the Lt. Snorkel debut album Revenge of the Biblioteca. And for those who haven't caught on, I'm Lt. Snorkel. It's what happened to all of my techno and weird electronica after I split it off of Happy Wednesday. So, it's kind of the second Lt. Snorkel album in that way...

...I guess.

Most of these tracks have slipped in here and there as background music to vlogs and videos over the last year or two, and I felt that I should get around to finishing the album. There are some new tracks you haven't heard though (like Progress Report and Sky Robot 2.0), so don't think everything in there is recycled or something.

Okay, so Sky Robot 2.0 is effectively a redone version of the music from Episode 3 of BOB and GIANT ROBOT, but still. It's a new version of it.

All of the vocals on the album, excepting the samples in "Staff Meeting" and the Wilhelm Scream in "Thank You Wilhelm" are my voice if you're curious. It's just me. Occasionally a digitally altered me, but me none the less.

And yes, there is a Lt. Snorkel Myspace Page.

And yes, the Happy Wednesday album will get done, as soon as we figure out how to record the drums. That's really the main obstacle here. Lt. Snorkel stuff just uses sampled beats, so it makes life easier. I'm not putting it on the back burner on any level. I will remind people that there is a Happy Wednesday Concert at Daisho Con in a few weeks as well, so be prepared to rock out.

In non-music news, I'm taking the van in to be looked at tomorrow by ATS. The good news is that I'm absolutely certain it's not the starter or the alternator thanks to the checks we done, and that it's a short that's draining the battery when the car isn't running. I have no idea how much time or how much this will cost to fix though, which kind of sucks. I guess I'll find out though, as I really need this vehicle to be operational.

I need it very, very much.

I really need to make dinner though, so I guess I'll go do that right now instead.
- Traegorn

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I'm pretty incompetent, and can't download your songs. When I right click, "save link as" is the only one that looks like it would do anything. Is that all, or should there be a "download file" type thing? When I left click, it just starts playing online ala quicktime.

So, how do I not be dumb about this? You know how much I love your weird techo mixes.
When it's playing in Quicktime: File -> Save Page As
Or Right Click -> Save Link As

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