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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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More Fun With the Search Logs
Posted Oct 29, 2008 - 13:13:05

 So, like I've done before and will do again, I present to you another list of bizarre search terms that people pumped into Google/Yahoo/Live/Etc. that somehow drew them to Most of the time, they also end up on pages totally unrelated to what they were actually looking for. To start with, here are some fairly typical examples of strangeness:
facebook "old crush"
"Sometimes I hate myself"
stairway to heaven wicca
trh vampires night
nerdy vampire
largest wiccan club
TRH Joke Line
obama transforms to monkey video
birthday essay
I honestly think i can fly
Part of me is honestly concerned about that last one. If he or she really does honestly think they can fly, I hope that they decide to take off from the ground instead of jump off a building. See, if you do it from the GROUND failure just results in looking silly. I also want to know why someone is apparently looking for advice on storage unit door springs -- I don't think my site looks like a hardware store.

But besides that, we also have the downright creepy results. These are results that make me fairly uncomfortable, and I'm sure you can see why:
sleep assault streams
Jason Webb porn
boy gay duct tape
Ten levels of icky right there. Just... ick.

I also find that there are some people either doing research for a class or wondering what to do about their lives academically.
archetype of a character who is sweet
What is the meaning of the play the Hitchhiker by Orson Wells
what the hell am I supposed to be doing in my History class
what the hell should i do with my masters degree
what is essay number
And sorry, but I don't know what anyone is supposed to be doing in their History class. I still have my notes from History 125 with Gosch somewhere though from years back if that's any help.

Finally, we have results where while they were actually looking for me, what they were searching for made me take notice:
traegorn bad breath
i know you are reading this trae dorn
On that first one, I want to know who thinks I have bad breath and wasn't willing to just tell me. Seriously. On the second one... yes, I am reading that. In fact, I'm reading everything you do on your Computer... Tasslehoff_B.


Like computers in Chancellors aren't exceptionally easy to trace.
- Traegorn

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