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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Some Strange Searches to Fill the Time
Posted Oct 16, 2008 - 14:38:48

Blah blah old photoSo I thought that this blog was in need of some levity after recent events. Because of that, like I've done several times before, I thought I'd dig into my ever filling with strange Referral log and look at what people are searching for... that brings them to

Some are funny, some are puzzling... and occasionally some are disturbing. I just want to point out that whatever you may think, these are real searches people have plugged into Yahoo, Google,, etc. In any case, here is the current list of bizarre searches from the last week or two:
zythromax for tonsilitis
consciousness and humor
duct tape corpse
doctor solving murder tv series
blade runner ennis brown
porno movie flash gorden
community blog for aspiring actors
the 3rd word pussy
foot clan cosplay
obiturary for befu
pic pagans
animation, gif, tree
funny safety meeting video
a web that give you exact answers about love
hair cutting for 16 year
1960's man
describe the smell of rain
obiturary for befu
shag stuff
digital sustain vicky
development level of a male twenty year old
You'll notice in there that with this batch we see the return of creepy haircut fetishists to my site. I also know it's probably a typo, but I honestly want to see a video game called "Moral Kombat" where players must defeat moral and ethical quandaries... that would be awesome. I'm a little confused by "shag stuff" honestly -- I don't know if they were looking for sex or if they were looking for carpeting. There's also the guy looking for, I presume, "Flesh Gordon"... and honestly I don't want to go there. There is no pornography on this website, sorry to disappoint.

I really hope that it was Befu searching for her own obituary, but if it was someone else... umm... you may want to look out Befu. Someone is after you.

The zythromax search has me a little confused because that means that some person came to my site looking for medical advice. Look, no one should ever come to me for medical advice, let alone any of the people who post on my site. Likewise, I don't know if people should be coming to me for love advice either, or the "development of a male 20 year old" either. These are not my specialty, sorry. I can give expert advice on several topics, none of them are those sadly.

In unrelated news, Attendee Preregistration for No Brand Con has opened. I haven't put together the sponsor packet yet for this year, but I'll have that up soon as well. Vendor registration is sort of up. It's functional, but until the vendor packet gets finished I can't officially put it online. We are doing a period this year where only people who have previously vended with No Brand Con are allowed to register. If that's you, e-mail the No Brand Con vendor head for instructions (we're trying to contact everyone, but in case you get missed). After that it will be open to the general public.

Exciting, I know.
- Traegorn

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um, no. i haven't been searching for my obit as of late. ;) and that's just...odd. and weird....and weird!
I'd like to point out that there is indeed a movie called Moral Kombat.  If I recall correctly it's a bit of pro-Christianity anti-video games propaganda.
I think the most disturbing thing about all this is not they're searching for some of these things, but that your site is, sometimes inexplicably, coming up in the results.  I get some of them, even the dirsturbing ones are often easily explained by disconnected phrases containing basic words (ie boy ass, which would turn up an awful lot of places other than the intended destination).

And I wanna know who's searching for befu obits.  They best not be threatening befu.

Oh, and is that pic of the Cushman under the library that always gets washed out when little niagara floods?
Yep, that's exactly where the Cushman is.  I took that photo in like 2004 too. :P

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