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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Frater Dantalion just won't go away.
Posted Oct 8, 2008 - 16:11:20

Home of Fritter Dainty LionI'm sorry that this week's Wicca and Paganism essay isn't up yet. It's about halfway done, but I keep getting derailed this week whenever I go to do something for this website.

Derailed by Frater Dantalion.

I posted the article about his and my exchange on Monday (Trae Dorn vs. the Crazy Person) and thought I was done talking about him. Dantalion must be very lonely, because since then he's been repeatedly e-mailing me. Because of that, I decided that I needed to write an update to that article, which you can read here.

Sure, 90% of what he's sent me has been gibbering nonsense, but it's there none the less.

It's rather bizarre honestly, as this guy seems to think that I'm on some crusade against him. It's funny, I probably would have never said his name out loud ever if not for the random stuff he drummed up himself. It really just is complete and utter insanity some of the stuff he's making up. It really is.

On a lighter and wholly unrelated note, I posted the Maze Dub to the Archive yesterday (although I didn't write a blog post about it). The instant I told people I was going to try and build an archive of's videos, the first thing they always ask is "Will you have the Maze Dub?" Well, now I do. It's not the be all end all of comedy, as memory tends to make things better, but it's still good. Some of the jokes are hit or miss (the "Y HALO THAR..." in the beginning is only forgivable because it was 2004) but overall, you'll find yourself demanding that you did not eat that delicious man and doing your best Pumpkinman impersonations. The end theme is also the first recorded 1337band song ever released.

And everyone should love 1337band.

Just a reminder that Happy Wednesday will be playing at 11am on Saturday on the UWEC Campus Mall. Stop on by and see us if you have the chance. Fortunately, the high is going to be about 70 degrees and the forecast is sunny, so no ones is going to be freezing themselves out there.

Or at least I hope not...

As Topher will be in town this weekend as well for STEAK, we'll probably be shooting a brand new installment in the Squashing of America. Like last year, Topher and I will do our own edits of the video, and both will be available here (and possibly on his soon to be launched website Exploding Chimp). You can watch my cut from last year as well as Topher's cut from last year if you feel so inclined. For the record, this will be the Fifth Squashing of America.

That's frightening.
- Traegorn

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