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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Grocery Store Sushi and Root Beer
Posted Sep 19, 2008 - 17:48:27

Empty Box of Sushi, Empty Glass of Root BeerThere is something to be said for the basic comforts of a large glass of root beer, and a couple boxes of terrible (yet yummy) grocery store sushi. I mean, I know it's not good sushi. I've had good sushi, and this most certainly isn't it. But it still ends up being a totally satisfying experience. I don't know what it is about snapping the chopsticks apart, or messing with the terribly taped closed box... it's a tactile experience.

I picked it up when I stopped by the grocery store earlier today. Sadly, there was no Eel. I love eel. Eel is delicious. Instead I settled for the ever authentic sounding "Cream Cheese Roll" and a small pack of Spicy Tuna.

And yes, I'm telling you that the perfect beverage to couple with said terrible sushi is ice cold root beer. Obviously I'm not really trying for an authentic experience here. I've said it before on multiple occasions, and I'll say it again: Root Beer is the source of all good things in the universe.

It's simply a fact.

Traffic on the website seems to have begun to normalize. Still quite a few people stopping by the ever popular article of the week, but I'm no longer getting freakishly large traffic numbers. Life aboard the good ship TRHOnline seems to be back to what its supposed to be. A simple life.

With root beer and sushi.

My band/bizarre comedy act Happy Wednesday has a couple of gigs in the works for those I haven't told. We'll definitely be appearing at DaishoCon in Steven's Point, WI in November, and we might have another gig on Campus in early October. I say maybe on that second one, because we're a bit out of practice and if I'm not satisfied with how we sound, I don't think we'll do it.

We'll definitely be at DaishoCon though.

Next weekend I'm going to be down in Madison for the second Annual Geek.kon running the Rising Stuff booth with Crysta. While there we're going to crash with my ever gracious brother. Apparently his living room floor is my living room floor... or something. It'll be nice to see him though, as I only spend time with him a couple of times a year. Meep -- if you don't get your butt over to Geek.kon at some point that weekend, I'm going to kick you. Seriously. It's free. And yes, I know there's Pagan Pride stuff going on Saturday, but we'll still be there Sunday.

You know you want to.
- Traegorn

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