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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The Craptacular Web Gets an Update
Posted Aug 28, 2008 - 16:12:34 crapYet more stuff on this week... this time it's a new entry in the Craptacular Web section. This particular article is based on a website I ran across mostly because of (you guessed it) the resurrected Wicca section. It brought what I've decided to dub "Spell Farms" to light for me, and I felt the need to share.

The need to share how horrifically stupid these things are.

I mean, really. People honestly believe that paying someone $40-$265 is going to get them someone to cast a spell for them? Do they really think this will work? I mean, I'm the kind of person who believes in magick -- and I'm telling you it's a crock. Go cast something yourself if you really feel the need to. Other people aren't going to get the job done better, and you can save forty bucks.

Forty bucks that can be spent on Happy Wednesday swag instead.

Ironically, I'm looking at an ad for the very spell farm I'm decrying on my page right now. The ad is there, taunting me. It tells me "People Get Suckered By Us Daily!" It tells me "There's one born every minute!" It also frustrates me, because it equates something I take very seriously with charlatans - and nothing infuriates me more.

If you're asking yourself "Why do you keep posting so much this week Trae?" it's because I feel like I've fallen behind on adding new site content. That article for the Craptacular Web section is my first in over two years. Two Years!

That's ridiculous.

So, I'm going to start updating that section (and most others) more regularly. My next step is to take older stuff of mine that never went online and put that up too.

First off, some time over the next couple weeks, I'll be adding some longer articles I wrote in college to the "General Articles" section. I wrote quite a bit, and a few of them are still relevant (time wise). So, I figure, why not post that stuff to the website? It can't hurt. It's mostly three particular papers I wrote, one of which was my capstone. They'll be long, but I think all of them are interesting reads at least.

Or at least I find them interesting.
- Traegorn

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