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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Second Essay Added to the Wicca Section
Posted Aug 27, 2008 - 18:30:51

Wicca and PaganismSo, I continue in my attempt at reviving the Wicca and Paganism Section of the website by posting a second essay today -- one on Ritual, Symbolism and Magick. The focus of this essay is slightly less autobiographical than the first essay in the section, but still has a personal slant... because, to me, it's all personal.

I have several other essays planned for that section that I plan on doing over the next few weeks, and I hope that I can at least keep them mostly entertaining. If you guys have any feedback, it's appreciated. I should also mention that if anyone else would like to contribute an essay to that section, I would be more than happy to put it online. A voice other than mine might be appreciated.

I honestly don't know how most of my readers feel about the Wicca essays that I'm posting. I know a couple of you seem interested, but the rest of you... I have this feeling that I'm just generating a blank look when I go on about this stuff.

And that's okay. Not everything I do has to be of interest to everyone here, and maybe this will help expand the site's horizons. Who knows.

I'm right now going on a slight attempt to revamp the navigation on TRHOnline so it is less complicated for new users. The site has grown so much though, that I may have to rethink the entire structure. The good news is that the current backend should allow me to take things in quite a few directions. The only problem with doing stuff like this is that I am so naturally resistant to change that it takes me forever to say I'm abandoning a design choice I made years ago. In the end, usability needs to prevail though.

And I'm going to make it work.

As I was preoccupied by being creeped out by the hair fetishists, I barely mentioned yesterday that I decided to quit caffeine. That's right, I've gone cold turkey as of Monday... and my head is killing me.

From the tiny amount of research I've done (i.e. I read the Wikipedia article on Caffeine) the entire process can take 3-8 days for my body to recover. The near constant headache though is seriously driving me nuts. In the past, I managed to break the chemical addiction (although not the psychological one... hence my picking it up again later), and I know that by next week I will feel like myself again (only without having to spend so much on caffeine) but until then I'm in a bit of a daze.


On the upside, from everything I'm told, this will pass. I just have to be patient.
- Traegorn

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Religion, or spiritualism should both/all be personal.  If it ain't personal, you ain't doing it right!  I've started (actually) reading some wiccan books.  (Currently: Handfasting and Heartbound.  Next: Wicca for the Solitary Practioner)  I say actually because several I've had for awhile and just have not gotten around to reading, despite the desire to.   (Time is the enemy!)  and while I cut my path down my spiritual road (for, despite the fact I've known I am pagan for a long time, I've never taken the time to explore exactly what path I'd like to go down, nor what it meant to me.)  I'm finding that, while the formulaic outlines are useful (like guidelines or a cooking receipe) using them exactly as prescribed just seems less personal.  Like christianity seems to me, y'know?  "First annoint your brow, then kneel and pray 36 times ..." shwa?      Do it until it's done makes sense, but why would that necessarily be 36 prayers later? That makes no sense to me.

At any rate, I just thought I'd appreciate you bringing back the Wicca section.  :)  Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that you aren't the only one.

    Dani, the Kitten of Doom
If you have any questions Dani, feel free to ask.

Trae Dorn
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