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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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MixBeat Productions (Vlog 2.19)
Posted Aug 7, 2008 - 18:49:14

So my vlog about Kakkoi|Con seems to have riled up the people at Mix Beat Productions/MixBeat Productions. That in mind, I decided to go through their particular concerns and examine exactly what they think is going on. So, come with me on this bizarre little journey into idiocy and a total disregard for grammar...
Yes, they really decided to call me a "Cock Stain" on a public forum and follow it up by accusing me of being "unprofessional." Yes, I have been informed to "eat a dick." Yes, it's true, they have a total inability to speak and/or type the English Language. I don't know how long it will stay online, but here is a link to the thread where I took their responses from. I have screenshots I can put up if they delete and/or alter their posts.

I've talked to Kakkoi|Con co-chair Samantha Rei about the noise, and I know everyone else who bordered the MixBeat Production's room had issues -- so while that may be Samantha Rei's and Ryan Crossland's fault that they were allowed to be so loud, I doubt it will be allowed next year. I think the big issue is that the MixBeat Productions people don't really understand the culture that exists within fandom conventions. I know "krisj" isn't a fan as the guy spells "anime" as "Animi" in his signature file on, so I don't think he knows what most people expect.

We expect a drunk idiot dressed like Pikachu yelling in the hall at 3am -- not vibrating walls.

I like how he makes a point in his post of expressing surprise at my having a girlfriend. My theory is that he was disappointed I was taken and wanted to hit on me himself. I mean, it's the only sensible conclusion that I can see.

...I can't help it that I'm this attractive. It's a curse.

Look, I am all about bringing other people into the subculture of fandom. I'm not about exclusion at all. On the other hand, my opinion is that if you are going to show up at an event, you should try to fit in to it. The funny thing is, I don't even blame them for the noise thing. They got permission, they don't know what a normal room party floor is like, and it's probably their first time at a convention.


But don't tell me that I didn't know what to expect from a typical room party floor. That's just... retarded. Also, most congoers don't like confrontation. Most of the people they bothered aren't the kind of people who would say something. If we hadn't have been able to move rooms (which we did OURSELVES -- without help) I personally would have filed a noise complaint.

The crux of the issue though, and why I made the "never hire Mix Beat Productions" statement in the video, is entirely because I was offered a controlled substance. That's it, right there. As a person who may be hiring a sound crew this April, one of my biggest things is that I wouldn't want someone I hired doing illegal things. How is this, on any level, all that complicated?

Guy from MixBeat Productions offers me Valium, I tell people "Don't hire MixBeat Productions." Not that hard to figure out boys and girls.

Not that hard at all.
- Traegorn

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Well said...and the maturity level and brain level of those people are tres, tres, sa bete. †And yeah you are probably right about him wanting you...its probably the eyes : P
What an unproffesional bunch of douchebags. I seriously hope Kakkoicon will go elsewhere for their DJ services next year instead of bringing those guys back. I will 100% be attending Anime Iowa next year over Kakkoicon if they are brought back again.

Fortunately DJ companies are a dime a dozen, especially in the cities, so it's not like they won't have plenty of other options to go with.
Altough I am not affiliated with MixBeat Productions I was one of the many DJs on the roster.  I find it largely offensive that either of the parties involved in this petty argument are making it public in any sense.  Disputes like this are best left behind the scenes.

I'll reserve my opinions on the topic for private discussion, Traegorn, if you would like to message me on AIM or MSN Messenger it would be greatly appreciated.  This situation would be best solved through conversation and not some internet flame war.

AIM = TheGabberJihad
MSN/E-Mail =
Look, I have a legitimate grievance.  I recommended not hiring someone, and listed a very good reason.

If the gentlemen from MixBeat Productions leave it at that, so will I.
Anime convention =/= rave. Someone forgot to tell them that.
Also, controlled substances are not a "petty" issue. They are more of an "begging for a lawsuit" issue considering the act of offering said substances and the possibility of something *really* bad happening from consuming them.
Perhaps MixBeat needs to spend a little more time hiring better workers...
I understand that you have a legitimate reason, but any comments regarding you were either made:

A)In jest, understand that MNVibe is a very sarcastic board.  Only two of the people commenting on your blog in that thread had even attended the event.

B)After you had posted publicly about Mixbeat themselves.  In your defense, MB were the first to get ad hominem, but retaliating in the same manner makes you look like a complete tool as well.  Try taking a debate class.

Also, Valium is Schedule IV, meaning you would simply get a slap on the wrist for offering it to anyone.  I saw more underage con-goers drinking than ravers popping pills.  There is generally much more illegal activity going on at your cons than at our raves.  We always hire top notch security to search every person before entry.  I'm friends with many con-goers and most have said that this was a pretty "tame" party... that is shameful.  It was a crazy weekend and I saw lots of illegal activities.  To think that Acen or Detour or any of the other major Cons are crazier than that, well, really makes me question your entire scenes credibility.

I'd rather be around 1-5 people hugging eachother on pills than 10-15 drunk guys throwing shopping carts off of balconies.

I am sorry to bring these opinions into public view, but you have refused private conversation.  Very unprofessional on your part.
Dude -- I said I was dropping it if people stopped talking about it.  That's why I didn't feel the need to contact you.

Secondly, my e-mail address is on the bottom of every single page of this website ( ) -- if you really wanted to talk to me privately, you could (and still can).
Oh, I am sorry, my bad.  I didn't see your E-Mail address at the bottom of the page.

All of this being said, I did have a great time at Kakkoi|Con.  I am part of both of the scenes involved in this arguement (rave/anime) and I find myself torn between parties.  It's slightly unnerving to see two groups of your friends battle eachother as such.

Sorry for anything I said that might have been offensive.  I'm an extremely laid back guy and when I see people getting tense like this it sets me off.  Especially in two fields where having fun and being social seems to be the main goal.
I still don't see why this is such a big deal.  You made your point and by the looks of it they replied on your site when they heard about it.  To then not let the issue die when they explained their side of issues you brought up, I feel is very childish.

If you main concern was being offered Valium, maybe you need to re-look and the situation you were in.  It was a party room, music was loud, and people were drunk.  Are you sure you didn't miss the sarcasm in his voice?  Now I wasn't there so I don't know, but I am good friends with the MB crew and when they get drunk they joke around.  They are a sinical group of people.

Like others have said after this new vlog was posted this should of been left to be discussed in private.  But it looks like you brought this on yourself when you originally posted that comment in a public forum.

Also in your second video you read what they wrote to you.  They gave you their website for you to write an e-mail to if you had other issues.  It looks like you too didn't follow directions and made this stay public.
Okay -- with that I'm turning off anonymous comments for a while.  You know, especially since I said I was going to drop it.
ok mr person who goes to conventions:  there is one thing I have to say to you:  2 thine self, b tru

remember that because one day it might save your life

ok so one day steph and I were playing COD 4 and I was like steph we need a code to live by.  right away I thought I obviously want to be true to myslef and to my gang but I was like how can I accomplish this?  Well obviously steph had a great suggestion he was like thats easy just "b tru 2 yourself and 2 thine self, b tru" I was like ya but seriously will gang wars erupt?

long story short, they did, malachi is still gay, and this thread rocks.  mnvibe 4 life.
No offense, but I have honestly no idea what you just typed.
OMG! my work day is just wizzzzzzing by! fuck mnvibe, ima gonna dramatize this forum todayzz
dude put this on youtube so i can favorite it!!!!

im like the black guy in this video, watch out, im gonna teleport n shit

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