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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Scenes from Lake Thompson (Vlog 2.17)
Posted July 24, 2008 - 18:54:19

Part 2 of my Rhinelander series. These are various shots from around Lake Thompson, the Lake I stay on with my family every year. Not too much to explain about this particular entry other than that I think it's a rather pretty place.
Music in this entry was the old standby "Just Priceless" that I put on the original, terrible, and likely to eventually be pulled from the internet "This Side of Awful" Happy Wednesday album. I think it's a fun little song though, so it fits the scenes of the Lake wonderfully.

This week has been a lot of fun. My sister came in on Tuesday afternoon, and we've ended up getting a lodge room at Holiday Acres so we have enough room for everyone. Last night we went over to the Hulina's (who have been good family friends my whole life) and grilled some Cheeseburgers and Hotdogs. All and all, a wonderful time.

We also went to play Softball at Vandervort Park/Forester's Ballpark on Tuesday and today. I won't go into that particular subject yet though, as that is the subject of one of the other installments about this vacation.

I don't know if I say it enough that this is my favorite place in the world... because it very much is. I can think of no other place I'd rather be honestly.

I am actually in a Home Depot parking lot again while I post this, as it's the only available internet within a five minute drive of the cabin. Crysta is beside me checking io9 at the moment, and I had over 200 e-mails waiting for me...


Much of that was spam thankfully.

But I must go now, as the great outdoors is far more interesting than the backside of a Comfort Inn.
- Traegorn

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