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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Fireworks (Vlog 2.15)
Posted July 5, 2008 - 14:31:11

Crysta and I went out with some friends to Fireworks here in Eau Claire, WI -- and we brought our cameras along. Here's the best footage from the two (footage Crysta took looks a lot better than stuff I shot).
Music in this entry was, of course, provided by myself. I've used that particular piece in a vlog before, but I thought it worked well. As mentioned before, video footage was taken by both myself and Crysta. The higher quality footage comes from Crysta, as her camera is significantly nicer than mine is.

This is the first time either Crysta or I has gone to fireworks in Eau Claire. It's funny, I've been living in Eau Claire since 1999, and I'd never gone to fireworks here. Every other year I've either gone to them in Wauwatosa or not gone at all. But then Belkie called me, and asked if Crysta and I wanted to join him, Pink Ranger, Yushi and Buzz for them. Crysta and I mostly figured, "What the heck!" and decided to go.

I'm glad we did.

It was nice to get out, but Eau Claire actually has a decent Fireworks show. We started out meeting up at the OA house at 9pm, and then we walked to Carson park from there. I've included a little bit of the walk in the video because it contained some fairly entertaining conversations along the way. The only bad thing was that there was a group of teenagers setting off fireworks while walking directly behind us.

That honestly was the most annoying thing in the world, ever.

But all in all, a very good time. I know that I just posted a vlog a few days ago, but I need to catch up as I fell behind for months. I'm trying to turn up the production on these... we'll see how I do.

Back to watching Coupling...
- Traegorn

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