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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A MIlwaukee Stop (Vlog 2.14)
Posted July 1, 2008 - 16:15:43

Crysta and I drove down to Milwaukee this last weekend to go and pick up some of my stuff that I had left at my parent's house. And by some, I mean a whole friggin' van full. On the upside... furniture? Furniture.

Music in this entry is, of couse, by Happy Wednesday. The particular song is "Cyborg Alien Girl" and can be found on the live album. Sorry, no MP3 online for this particular track. I used it for this entry... because I hadn't used it for an entry yet and the lengths worked out well.

Very scientific, I know.

The trip down to Milwaukee was fairly successful. I hung out with Derek on Friday night, which was a fairly good time all things considered - and on Saturday Crysta, myself, my parents, my brother, and my brother's girlfriend all got together for Dinner and played Balderdash. Maybe not the most exciting weekend, but a fun one none the less. I spent all of Sunday packing and loading the van (with Crysta's very welcomed help) and we drove back to Eau Claire arriving late Sunday night.

I spent all of Monday unloading and unpacking the van on my own while Crysta was at work. We now have the apartment to about 99% of what we want it to be like right now too. That really sucked up most of my day yesterday. Then, to add onto it, Monday night Biedermann called me asking me to help him move a couch into his new place. As I am not a jerk, I of course agreed to help. I went over there fairly late, helped him and Kelly unload several items from their rented U-Haul, and finally the aforementioned couch. I got home probably at about 12:30am when all was said and done.

Oh, and Biedermann's new place is only a couple blocks away from me, which means I can harass him whenever I want.

Which we all know I'm too lazy to actually do. But I can yell at him until he comes over here with very little guilt.

All this moving of stuff though has me fairly sore... yeesh.
- Traegorn

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