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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Another Moving Day (Vlog #2.10)
Posted June 3, 2008 - 11:31:24

On Sunday Crysta and I picked up our stuff and moved out of Zombie House and into our new Apartment on the south side of Eau Claire. Moving, by the way, is a huge pain in the butt. I'm going on record here.
Music in this entry was by Lt. Snorkel... who is, of course, me. It's a little something called "A Happy Song (For the Blue Yarn Kid)" and is available for download on the myspace page.

I've been quiet on the net lately, and that's my fault. I somehow managed to update the site only once during the entire month of May... and that was right at the beginning. I swear though, I wasn't just trying to plug the Happy Wednesday Live Album... I was just honestly busy.

Crysta and I are in the new apartment, currently mourning our lack of couch (which will be remedied at soon as possible) and the place is a general disaster area. If you're wondering why no one has been asked over, it's simply because we'd have nowhere to let you sit down.

I have some plans to update this website (minorly) in the next few weeks, but only my schedule will see if that materializes. But for anyone concerned, I am healthy, Crysta (with the exception of a stomach based crisis that has been mostly resolved) is healthy, and life continues in a generally positive direction.

And Charter has had me on hold for quite some time... yeesh.

This upcoming weekend Crysta and I will be traveling to the Twin Cities for Topher's wedding -- which should be a good time, and we've been sorting out our convention schedule so I ought to be able to get stuff about that on the front page sometime soon.

Hopefully my next update won't take so long to put up...

- Traegorn

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Topher's getting married?!??!?!  Man, I am out of the loop.  Congratulate the man for me if you get a chance.

Holy crap, that's this weekend?  Man, I'm totally behind.  Better find a place that rents tuxedos.
Thanks for sampling my guitar without telling me first, dick.

(j/k - we don't need the internet thinking that there's internal strife within Happy Wednesday.)

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