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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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No Brand Con 2008
Posted Apr 24, 2008 - 9:22:51

So, I've been behind and I know I haven't posted a vlog entry for a while. Sadly, I got like no footage or photos of No Brand Con, so while I'll still do a full report soon about it, I don't have a nice little "Life of the Traegorn" for you. On the other hand, Cheesus got the entire Happy Wednesday performance on tape. So, y'know what, I thought I'd post that here as a Playlist and let that sit in for Vlog 2.9. In fact, that's exactly what I'm doing:

That was Happy Wednesday's debut performance -- all 20 something minutes of it (it was a short set). We are going to start recording the new album shortly, so I'll post about that here when it's done.

I'll write up one of my normal "Con Reports" in a few days, but I knew that I had to post something fast as it's been almost a week since the convention and I hadn't posted any sort of wrap up. This year, Crysta, Biedermann and I ran the Rising Stuff booth for Peso and Vinnk, so I didn't have any major responsibilities during the convention beyond the hosting duties I had been asked to do. This was, in fact, really nice. It meant that any con work I did was when I had time to help out, not because I had to. And when you're helping because you can and not because you have to, you don't feel any stress at all really.

The con was fantastic by the way. No Brand Con 2008 wasn't steps and bounds beyond 2007, but it was right up there with it. We hit a new attendance high with 1075, so we're officially a "Medium" sized convention instead of a "Small" one -- but just barely.

There were no major disasters during the con, which is always good. Sure, there were glitches (some caused by equipment failure, some caused by human error) but nothing that wasn't caught by a backup plan before it could turn into doomsday. Believe it or not, but after seven conventions, we're aren't all that bad at this. *grin*

Again, I'll do a full Con Report write up, but until then I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has said such wonderful things about the con, and that it was great seeing so many awesome people this weekend (even if was only for a few minutes in many cases).

No Brand Con rocks, plain and simple.
- Traegorn

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nobrand will always rock, even if by some odd chance it starts to suck. killer performance also. nothing can ever beet sandwich now.
So, is "Dead Birds" meant to sound like a Meat Loaf song? Cuz it totally does. It's quite awesome.
Not necessarily -- although it's true that I do use my "Meatloaf Voice" on that song. :P

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