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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I apologize for yesterday's Rick Roll
Posted Apr 2, 2008 - 9:42:28

Rick Roll'd!First and foremost, I want to apologize for Rick Rolling everyone yesterday. Okay, so I don't actually feel bad on any level - but still.

It was April Fools and I was lazy.

Traditionally I have loved April Fools day, and since I didn't have time to prank anyone in the real world this year, I thought "Spend two minutes on the internet and that should due." So, a fake vlog was planted. A fake vlog that Rick Roll'd all of you.

I thought it was funny.

I was mostly worried that people would figure out that the preview image was taken in Milwaukee (three years ago no less) and not Eau Claire... where I live. But, apparently none of you pay freakishly scary attention to my life. Y'know, like I do to yours.

Because I'm in the bushes outside your house right now.

Okay, maybe not.

But, y'know, I've been the mastermind behind terrible real life ideas before. Like, last year -- I was still working for housing. Manda, who had been the old Hall Director at my old dorm K.T. is now the Hall Director in Towers North. In the lobby of K.T. hangs a painting of the eponymous Katharine Thomas. A painting that creeped out Manda something fierce. So, I stole the painting, walked it up the hill, and with the help of one of the Towers North RAs I got into Manda's office and we hung it opposite of Manda's desk.

We're bad people, I know.

Back to the present though. I will say everything else in yesterday's entry was true, and that I'll eventually do another real vlog when I get the chance -- but that takes several hours for production that I don't actually have these days. Now, you may be saying "You used to be really busy too! When did you find time to do it back then?" and the answer is simply that I used to do them on Saturday mornings... and since then I've decided that I like to sleep on Saturday mornings.

Selfish? Maybe. Whatever.

I slipped some new tracks into the Happy Wednesday online player that you might want to listen to (Sandwich, His Tentacled Glory) to get a better idea of our sound. So yes, Calvsie, there is new music actually out there. I love His Tentacled Glory -- but sadly I must give all the credit to writing our "Cthuhlu Worship Song" to Biedermann. It's all his.

And I think it's genius. Not that you can necessarily tell from the online version (as the recording quality isn't that good).

The good news is that my headache -- after a full 30 hours -- finally seems to have gone away. Crysta also is no longer feeling ill either, so that's good news. So yes, on the health front, it seems everyone is doing better in general.

Time to go be productive though...
- Traegorn

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Heh. I watched Doctor Who - "Father's Day" today that Rick Astley song was playing briefly. It was awesome.

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