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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Post about Happy Wednesday
Posted Mar 26, 2008 - 17:54:05

Happy WednesdayIt's been a while since I talked about my band Happy Wednesday in this space (beyond listing a song credit to them) since November's release of a terrible EP that I'll probably eventually pull from the internet and pretend I never made (and just admit to the "This Side of Awful" LP). For those of you who haven't been paying attention, there have been a lot of changes to Happy Wednesday since then (like a new sounds, new members, new songs, etc.), so I thought I'd talk about them.

First off, we have a very different sound now. We're dropping most of the electronica from the music, and going more towards a rock sound. We'll still be performing some of the older songs off of This Side of Awful (Restorative is pretty much ready for Live Performance and The Worst Rock Song Ever needs some work... but eventually that will be in the live act) but the new stuff is much more interesting. Because of that, I'm going to stop labeling my random electronica as "Happy Wednesday" tracks. Instead I'll be using the artist name I used back on the "Bob and Giant Robot" cartoon soundtracks (Lt. Snorkel) for those particular songs.

I don't think I've said much about the band lineup online, so I probably should cover that. Most people who know anything about my band know that I recruited Matt Biedermann a while ago to be the guitar player. Since then though, two other people have joined the band -- Kevin Renstrom has actually been our drummer for a while, and Katie Hatheway (who some may remember from The Fourth Squashing of America) has recently joined as our Bass player. Our rock percentage has now, in fact, doubled.

If you want to see us, we're going to be performing live at No Brand Con this year -- definitely during the Sunday Variety Show, and possibly during the Cosplay intermission (depending on circumstances). So, you should come and let us rock your faces off or something.

Because it'll be good.

I like to offer new MP3s when I make posts about this sort of thing, but I don't have any new album quality tracks to share with you at the moment. I do, however, have an MP3 I recorded from our practice session the other day that I find hilarious. It's a little improv piece that just sort of... happened. It's the most 1337band thing Happy Wednesday has ever done... and I've remixed an actual 1337band song on the first album. It's called "God Damned Parisians" and you can download it here on MP3. And no, I don't actually hate the French.

Even though, officially, I've now written two different songs about how I do.


It's not on purpose. I swear.

I should also mention Happy Wednesday also has a MySpace Page and a Facebook Page that you should add to your "Friends" or become a "Fan" of if you use either of those services.

Because the numbers just look so sad on those right now.

On a personal note, Crysta and I went down to Milwaukee over Easter weekend. I'll probably write more about that in a few days, but it was nice to get out of town... and then get 18 inches of snow dumped on us while we were down there. Who knew that going South would mean there would be more snow? Yeesh.

Edit: I've also uploaded a rough version of one of our regular songs as well. Download Children's Song (Bad Person) on MP3 Here.
- Traegorn

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I'm sad that the random electronica is out. I liked Just Priceless the best out of the songs. Except for Davenesaur Polka, because that one just makes me happy. It'd be hard to perform live, though.
The Electronica won't stop, it will just be under the Lt. Snorkel name.

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