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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Why I have that 'Oh Sh**' feeling in my stomach...
Posted Feb 13, 2008 - 12:02:24

Edit: Click Here to Donate to the "Trae Needs Money" Fund Via PayPal. Because, lets face it, I'm poor and can't afford this. :P
 Things are not going as planned -- on any level. Some of you may remember, as I stated back in one of my vlogs, that I got a ticket for Operating While Suspended back in October. The reason for this, and the short version of the story, was that in 2004 I had my license suspended for 15 days due to my own idiot speeding, and no one told me that I needed to get my license reinstated after the suspension was over. I got pulled over three years later whild driving through Osseo, WI, and thus... the ticket.

That's the simple part of the story.

On December 4th 2007 I pled Not Guilty to the charge, and was given a trial date of February 6th 2008 with a pre-trial conference with the Osseo City Attorney on January 8th 2008. At the January 8th pre-trial conference I met with Richard A. Schaumberg, the prosecuter, and we discussed the incident. As I had immediately reinstated my license, he informed me that he was dropping the charges. Mr. Schaumberg also explicitly told me that I did not have to appear in court in February as, again, he stated the charges against me were being dropped.

I thought everything was just fine, and assured by the Osseo City Attorney that I did not need to appear in court, I went about my day feeling much better and put this entire affair out of my mind.

And then February rolled around.

Yesterday, upon checking my mail, I found an interesting envelope from Trempealeau County (where Osseo, WI is located). In it was the judgment from my trial.

The one I had been told wasn't going to happen.

In it I found that I had been found Guilty after pleading "No Contest" (which I guess is what they reclassified my "Not Guilty" plea once I wasn't at the trial in February). Now I have to pay the fine, plus court costs (which thankfully aren't that high). Apparently when Mr. Schaumberg told me he was dropping the charges and that I didn't need to appear in court he was mistaken about one of the two.

So, now I have to come up with a way to pay a fine that I couldn't afford in the first place, on a charge that I was explicitly told was being dropped because I didn't appear at a trial that I was explicitly told was not going to happen.

Needless to say that the feeling in the pit of my stomach is not a pleasant one, and that I did not sleep very well last night... which doesn't help that I already was having problems sleeping these days.

I've been fighting off a panic attack ever since.

Had one yesterday. That sucked.

Crysta I will say has been absolutely wonderful. I don't know what I would be doing right now without her.

This is crisis mode, people.
- Traegorn

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Dude, that is utter and complete crap. :( Is there any way you can contact the prosecutor and find out why this happened? It probably won't change anything, but he should at least have an explanation for lying to you.
I say that (if you can) put a small charge on the guy who told you that all charges were being dropped! HE'S the one who "fooled" you into thinking that you didn't have to go to court. HE'S the one who's making you pay the fines. Sue! Sue!
You can also contact the judge that decided the case and explain why you were not there. I have a feeling that the attorney isn't going to be exactly honest about this if you go to him. Fines are a money maker for rural counties...
Becky -- I e-mailed the judge, although who knows what good that will do.
Did you get any of what the attorney said in writing?  If not, your email isn't going to do much good.  I'm sorry this is happening to you.  If you don't mind, just how bad is the money thing?
My funds are tight, so a couple hundred dollars is a bit much.

Yeah, I know, my e-mail to the judge will probably do jack and/or squat -- and I'll probably end up paying the fine.  It sucks, but I don't have anything in writing.

You should get that Schaumberg guy on the phone; he might have just made an easily fixable error.
im so sorry. youre actually suprisingly calm sounding. id be using a lot more exclamation points if i were in that situation.

anyway, i hope everything about that mess works out for you. best of luck and wishes.
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