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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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How the world has changed...
Posted Jan 29, 2008 - 20:49:08

These were cutting edge at one pointSometimes perspective is a funny thing. Thinking about the very nature of Project: Viral alone boggles the mind. I'm attempting to get a short film noticed purely through word of mouth via an online delivery system that almost everyone can access. It seems like no big deal now, but think about this - I remember a world without (ubiquitous) internet connectivity, let alone the multimedia world we've achieved. Technology is a funny thing, and it amazes me how much the world has changed even within my lifetime. I'm only a few years older than Crysta, and even she and I have a different perspective on computers.

And both she and I, in our twenties, have a totally different perspective than those kids growing up right now. The internet for me, when I first got online in the mid-nineties, was a very different place. I got the tail end of the BBS era, and my first "Internet" experience was through an ANSI terminal program browsing Usenet through a BBS that I assume hasn't existed in some time. The web existed (although only barely), and my first web browser was Netscape v1.1. This was not the world of the internet that exists today. This was not the modern internet, but its embryo.

I was watching a documentary on Frontline called "Growing Up Online" (you can view the whole thing online here). The generation in High School has always had the modern internet of personal online journals and social networking. They've always had this level of connectivity, always existed and lived their lives in this virtual, online, fishbowl of a realm...

...and they take it for granted.

But this generation also has (for the most part) parents who don't understand this world. Parents who don't know what to warn against and what to share. How do you warn what not to share when you don't know yourself? Mind you, this doesn't mean kids are totally ignorant about what they should and shouldn't do... but teenagers are teenagers. They don't always think through consequences, and with that entire world obfuscated through ignorance for their parents how does anyone know if someone goes too far?

It's all very complicated.

All I know is that this is the future I was waiting for as a kid and I didn't even know it. I sit in awe of it sometimes, just looking at the technology in front of me, that I use every day, and just marvel at how much it has changed just within my (rather short) lifetime. Just like I take for granted things like television and radio, this generation just after me is going to take for granted the biggest communication and business revolution I'm likely to ever see.

...although it's true -- you never know what's next.

With today's snowy roads though, I'm still wondering where the hell my flying car is. I'll take a hover-car even...
- Traegorn

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