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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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First Anniversary
Posted Dec 16, 2007 - 20:58:09

Me and CrystaSo Saturday was Crysta and my first anniversary. We went out and celebrated on Saturday night, and while there were some road bumps, it was a fairly nice evening. It wasn't anything fancy or expensive, we just went out to dinner, and afterwards went home, exchanged gifts, and watched a movie.

And if you want to know how geeky we are, the movie was Adrenaline Drive.

My life over the last year has changed quite a bit. I know that you'll all get me hyper-reflective at the end of the month (as I do so every single year) so I won't indulge excessively, but it is a bit strange to look back at what things were like when this whole thing started. I mean, here I am, living with someone who 13 months ago, I'd never even met beyond a near miss at a To Slay Zombie Newton concert... in the backyard of the house that she and I now live in.

I know I haven't had the best relationship meter over the years - from people who weren't right for me, to people who I wasn't right for... to people who just weren't right in the head. It's been a veritable comedy of errors I'd probably find a lot funnier if I wasn't in the central role. This is only the second time in my life that a relationship has made it to this socially imposed marker (there was a third near-miss at 11 and a half months too). But this time around I actually have no doubts in my mind or heart that this is where I want to be.

You never know what it's like to find the right person until you actually do, you know?

So, here I sit, in the place Crysta and I live together in, we've found an apartment that we're going to move into in June. This is my life, and I am actually quite happy with that -- which is more rare than I sometimes let on.

In other news, in a week I'll be returning to Milwaukee for the Holidays. I'll be heading down on Friday the 21st, and staying until the 1st of January. If you wish to find me, feel free to give me a call. If you don't have my number, well... my Grand Central number is 414-375-0480. I don't promise to answer it, but I'll at least check my voice mail.

Call my phone's direct number if you have it though.

I still have no idea what I'm doing on New Year's Eve this year -- if anyone has any ideas of where I'd find a decent party (one that has a copy of Rock Band preferably) get ahold of me.

I want the funn.

And the Rock.

Boy I wish I had an XBox 360 and a copy of Rock Band. I'd waste so much time with that game, it's scary.
- Traegorn

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I'm glad to hear things are going well for you.  I've thought on these terms before as well.  Say, for instance, the fact that 8 years ago Jess was just someone in my SOC class.  And now we have a two year old kid and an apartment in Cali.  WTF happened there?

Seriously though, Congrats.  It's awesome to see you in a stable relationship. You deserve it, dude. 

Someday I will return to tundra and perhaps I can meet this person.


PS as for the right in the head bit, I think it's more a matter of the proper subtle blend of insanity with the sort of crowds we hang out in.
Thanks Meep.

Yeah - we sure did hang out with a bunch of nutters over the years. :P

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