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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Guy Fawkes Night (Vlog 2.5)
Posted Nov 6, 2007 - 13:38:51

Monday was the Fifth of November - Guy Fawkes Night for those who don't know. Here at the Zombie House, we decided we needed to celebrate - but rather than do the traditional burning of Guy in effigy, we decided to complete the task that he failed. We burned down Parliament... Sort of.

Music came from two sources in this video, and oddly enough neither was Happy Wednesday (although you have to like how I added that plug still). No, the fist piece is a generic little piece that comes with iMovie (yeah, I know, clip-music is unoriginal, but I liked it). The other is the return of To Slay Zombie Newton to my vlogs - this time around it's "Destroying the World," which seemed perfectly appropriate for the tone of this particular video entry.

Why did Liz and I build a replica of Parliament out of many Mountain Dew (and one Diet Coke) boxes and duct tape? Well, because we god dang felt like it, that's why. The entire group of us who live here in the Zombie House went out back and burned the thing down in our fire pit (and yes proper safety measures were taken), and just had fun with it. Sure, you're supposed to burn an effigy of Guy, but we're also the Zombie House, and we tend to turn things on their heads.

Like good little nerds we gathered around and watched V for Vendetta afterwards as well to complete the entire event. I'm sure many other geeks chose to watch the same film last night... but I'm betting not many others also went ahead and destroyed Westminster Palace while they were at it. And before someone nitpicks, I know we didn't make Victoria Tower (the big square one) to scale with the Clock Tower (which contains Big Ben... which is technically the Bell, and not the clock). I can nitpick this thing better than anyone else... and I'm telling you, we didn't care.

Because we were going to burn it.

And yes, the four "clock faces" are circles with the word "Clock" written in the middle.

We also burned a lot of Kevin's Cousin's old clothes that were left at the Zombie House that we were informed we could throw out. Frankly, burning things is much more fun, especially when you have a convenient (and totally legal) place to do it.

That, and fire looks really cool on camera.
- Traegorn

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your videos always make me laugh. who else would think to build a mini parliment? you should have found a bunch of parliment cigarette cartons for it hahaha.

and just a question, but those soda cases in the background, are those actual full cases, or just flat ones used as decor, i couldnt tell... and it was baffling why somone would have that many cases of soda.

sorry to make such a late post also.

Trae Dorn
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