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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Average Day (Vlog 2.3)
Posted Oct 15, 2007 - 21:34:45

So, with very little time to film this week's vlog, I turned my camera on while I was at work, captured this footage, and added the subtitles when I got home. It's just a general update on how things are going, but what the heck.
Music in this entry is "An Experiment" by my strange project Happy Wednesday. I've used it in quite a few videos at this point, but it seemed like the best available music for this particular installment.

Or something. Whatever.

I just sort of did this quickly tonight, as I hadn't had time to film a vlog. The only problem I have with living with six other people is just that it's very hard to find time where no one else is around -- and it's a little embarrassing to film one of these with other people in the room. I'll find a way around that soon, but as I wanted to get this thing actually shot and done today, this was my solution.

Crysta and I went and looked at a couple of apartments today for next June, and are going to look at a couple more tomorrow. See, to get a place remotely near campus, you have to be out there looking now. It's ridiculous, but that's how it works in this town. So far we've seen places that aren't terrible, but nothing really all that great. The places were both in good condition, but the first one was just too small, and the second's bathroom was a bit of a closet (and had tiny bedrooms). The economy of space was really the problem. We may look at other places that landlord has in town though, since the actual apartments were in good shape, with modern kitchens and no major problems.


One bizarre thing was that the landlord showed us a place that people were supposed to be living in (the rent was being paid even) but that it was clear no one had been there in months. The place was cleaned out, the freezer defrosted, and no signs of anyone. But the bills for the place were still being paid.

Absolutely bizarre.

We left that mystery to the landlord though, and the story behind that will likely remain a mystery to me. I'm fairly okay with that, but I will admit I'm still fairly curious.
- Traegorn

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