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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Reintroduction (Vlog 2.1)
Posted Oct 5, 2007 - 23:43:14

The beginning of Season 2 of The Life of the Traegorn occurs not with a bang, but with a whimper. It's not that exciting, but this installment will hopefully not be on the front page that long before the next entry.

This entry has no music or anything special, but you will notice that there is an onscreen graphic. See? Isn't it neato? I happen to like it. I am attempting to give the vlog a bit of polish... so you won't notice that the onscreen talent hasn't changed one bit.

I know I promised to do a Feedback Session as the finale for Season 1, but I decided to put it off until the third vlog of the second season... for some symmetry I guess.

In memory of the end of the first season, I thought I would list off some highlighted episodes of the first season, so you can see the best installments of this ongoing mess.
  • #5 - Revenge
    I kept getting negative anonymous comments, so after tracking down the source, I decided to take out my revenge the only way possible... by leaving a negative anonymous comment.
  • #10 - Not Dead
    For some reason, people seem to like this vlog where I just talk about being stressed out
  • #20 - Blizzard!
    Beeffalo, Cheesy and I go outside and have a snowball fight in a blinding blizzard. It's fun.
  • #24 - Bowling!
    Derek and I go out and prove exactly how bad we are at bowling. Seriously, it's fun.
  • #25 - The Raid
    A Bunch of us decided to go down and interrupt a live campus television broadcast as the "Bizarrnian Liberation Front." It's awesome.
  • #28 - No Brand Con 2007
    I take you to No Brand Con 2007. It is all No Brandy-ness and awesome. You should watch.
  • #31 - Scavenger Hunt
    I take you along on the Otaku Anonymous 2007 Scavenger hunt. We run around and look like idiots. It's what we do best.
  • #39 - Chris Visits
    Chris was on leave from the Navy, so we got to hang out. Listen to how he accidentally killed a Shark once...
  • #46 - Geek Pride
    While not my best work, this is the video that decided to feature - so I thought I would put it on the list.
Well, goodbye to Season 1, hello to Season 2, and welcome to today... or something. I think I was going somewhere with this at one point...
- Traegorn

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