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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Driving and Dancing (48th Vlog)
Posted Sep 22, 2007 - 22:32:04

I dig out the digital camera, drive around and talk about how I'm moving to Eau Claire on Monday. And then I bust a move... very poorly. On purpose. I swear.
Music in this entry comes from the obvious, normal, unsurprising sources. The first one is, of course, To Slay Zombie Newton, who supply the opening notes. Here's a bit of news, I'm probably changing that when I start Season 2 on October 6th. So enjoy the Zombie Newton while you can. The other source of music is, also obviously, by Happy Wednesday -- although this is a piece NOT off of the online album. It's a work in progress that I haven't finished yet called "Horizon," so who knows if the album version even ends up sounding like that.

So, yeah - I'm moving to Eau Claire. On Sunday I help move my brother David's girlfriend Mary. In this process I will be retrieving the big red van from my brother. I would just go straight to Eau Claire, except that one of the headlights on the van is out, so until I get that fixed I don't intend to drive the thing around at night. As I mention in the video I'll be staying with Crysta for a bit, and begin looking for my own apartment in the Eau Claire area.

You have no idea how happy I am to be getting the heck out of here, and back to being independent.

I posted my cellphone number to "The Lounge" private area on my website, but if you don't have access to it, and still need it, you can e-mail me or private message me and I'll send it to you.

You know, if I actually know you, and don't think that you're creepy.

Next week I'm doing another Feedback session - as a wrap up to Season 1 of "The Life of the Traegorn." I have a couple of messages for it, but I could really use more questions and suggestions. Feel free to send them my way, so I can finish off this season with some pizazz.

I have to get back to doing laundry though, so I actually have something to wear when I get to Eau Claire.

Clean clothes are good.
- Traegorn

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BLASPHEMY!! I love Haribo gummi bears! They're so chewy!  When I eat a gummi bear, I want there to be some chew-resistance - otherwise it becomes a glorified fruit snack. :P
Thor's right. Haribo gummi bears are *real* German gummi action, whereas Black Forest are just marketed to be so. Also, the sheer variety of Haribo products make the brand vastly superior - you haven't lived until you've had Twin Cherries.

Also, was I supposed to talk to Kev about drumming? send me a message if I was.
You don't have to, but one of us should ask Kevin.

And Black Forest Gummy Bears taste better, plain and simple.  They are chewy, yummy, and oh so much better than Haribo.  Original sometimes just means "unimproved" :P

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