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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Feedback Supreme (47th vlog)
Posted Sep 16, 2007 - 20:41:05

I haven't done a 'Feedback Session' since my 11th vlog way back in December, so I thought I'd dust off the concept again for this particular installment. Watch what happens when I respond to feedback from my viewers... and the other strange people who randomly send me stuff.
Music in this entry comes from the two standard sources, To Slay Zombie Newton and Happy Wednesday. Normally I bother to point out which music belongs to which artist, but if you don't know by now... well then I won't tell you. Well, okay, so it's mostly just not that interesting, as both songs are available as free MP3 files from their respective sites. And now I've really talked about the music for far too long.

As I stated before, I hadn't done a feedback session since my 11th vlog, and prior to that the only other one was my 3rd vlog in which I was still settling on the format for these entries. It was meant to be a regular feature of the vlogs, but somehow I just lost track of doing them somewhere down the line. I mean, for some perspective, this is the first one I've done to debut on LiveVideo, which has been the home of my vlog for most of the time I've been doing it. I have actual viewers on that site now. I decided to take the approach differently this time around, and rather than solicit questions I'd just go through my message folder on LiveVideo and pick out some stranger e-mail I've gotten.

Honestly, I also tried to make sure I didn't respond to anything that would make me look like a jerk - so there are quite a few exchanges which I find hilarious that would make me look pompous if people knew what I actually thought when I read them... but I'm not pompous (at least about that) so I decided to err on the side of caution in this particular instance to avoid someone making a false assumption about the motivations of my reactions.

And yes, some guy in India really did send me his phone number out of the blue.

In any case, I'm considering the one year mark on my vlogging as the end of my first season, and the beginning of my second. The exact date will be October 6th, and you should see some updates in my format. The vlog really has evolved since I started doing it, and I may reflect on the style shift throughout the last year. I would also like to do one final "feedback session" beyond this with actual questions, so if you have some, feel free to send them my way via PM, LiveVideo message, or plain old e-mail. I'll be happy to come up with some sort of entertaining answer.

Or not. It's up to you.
- Traegorn

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So, this "Season One" you speak the DVD boxset slated for release in the near future?
Nope.  But bootlegs will be available. :P

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