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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Download Happy Wednesday's 'This Side of Awful' RIGHT NOW.
Posted Aug 29, 2007 - 2:18:07

Happy WednesdaySo, as some of you know, the inaugural Happy Wednesday album has been released online today/tonight/whatever. That's right, you can go to the page for the album and download it right now.

The track list has changed since I last posted about this - some tracks added, some tracks removed to be placed on a later release. That's because this album has several covers on it, and the tracks that are moved to the next release are ones that will much more heavily involve Biedermann (who while being in the "band" doesn't actually perform on these recordings). Expect the follow up to have a very different sound.

I've also uploaded a music video for Ride of the Belkies, one of the stranger tracks off of the album. It features some clips from the classic serials Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe and Zorro's Fighting Legion. I think the entire thing blends fairly well, but you be the judge.

I hope you enjoy the album - it has my bizarre covers of To Slay Zombie Newton tracks, along with my remix of 1337Band's "Loud Guy on a Train." Unless you're one of us lucky few who actually has a copy of "Tear's of Beef," this may be the only way you'll get a copy of that particular song as well, so I think that in itself is worth the download.

So yeah - This Side of Awful should be downloaded, placed immediately on your computer, loaded onto your favorite MP3 player, and listened to repeatedly. It is essential for the long term survival of mankind.


It is.

Go download it now.

For pete's sake, it's FREE.

Biedermann and I will be working on a new material as soon as I move back to Eau Claire. Again, the next album will probably have a more interesting sound (with a decline in the amount of electronica for better or for worse). I want to call that album "Beacon of Awesome," but I want to see what Matt thinks.

But you totally need to download this one right now.

Do you think I put up enough hyperlinks to that yet? Anyways, you'll notice that August has brought quite a few updates to the site that I haven't really been talking a lot about in the blog space like I normally would. I've been turning up the output just because I don't feel like holding onto this stuff for too long. Expect these updates to keep coming in until partway through September - including a few more To Slay Zombie Newton recordings, more classic movies, and maybe even a new short film or two. Of course, the weekly vlogs will keep getting added as well. I'll also be adding links to the currently orphaned Happy Wednesday page and the To Slay To Slay Zombie Newton sections as well.

Oh, and download my album. *grin*
- Traegorn

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