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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Posted July 7, 2007 - 18:57:13

It's a Saturday, and I have absolutely nothing to do today. Because of this, I have been bored out of my frickin' mind. Just absolutely, positively bored. This is what happens when I get a bit stir crazy...
Music in this entry comes from two places. Of course I start things out with the short little piece of defunct Nerd-rock gods To Slay Zombie Newton, which should come as no surprise to anyone. Besides that though, the end piece is an original composition I originally recorded a few weeks ago... which I reproduced in part while filming this. As I was bored out of my mind.

If I ever put together a CD it'll be thrown in there for no good reason.

I seriously had nothing to do today at the point when I made this video. I mean, I had stuff that needed to get done today, but I was finished with most of it when I filmed this (mostly taking my family's 21 year old cat to the vet to get hydrated while my parents are out of town). I watered my mother's garden (as seen briefly in the video) and I would also later go to the grocery store.

Gripping, I know.

Right now I'm sitting back, watching US Marshals on AMC (which apparently has a very odd definition of "Classic" - but as I mildly enjoy this movie I guess I won't complain). While not a terrible movie, it just reminds me that I leave a very, very, very boring life sometimes.

On the upside, Chris comes into town this week, and hopefully some hijinks will ensue. I could really go for some good hijinks... or at least a night out. Because I've been sick most of the last week, I haven't even really tried to go out lately, so now that I'm mostly better I'm getting even more stir crazy than before. Totally not my fault if I start to slowly lose my mind.


But yeah, I hope to go out and hang with Chris - and definitely give Derek a call too. The problem is that Derek works second shift most nights, so it's hard to get together.

Geh. I'm becoming too much of a hermit.

Edit: If anyone wants the MP3 of the song from this video, you can download the song here.
- Traegorn

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I think your next vlog should be all about Andy the 21 year old cat.  =^.^=
He's not that photogenic... :P
When you played just the instrumental version of the song, it reminded me of the music from Metroid.

When you added the drumbeat, it sounded like this one song they play in the background of the movie Snatch.

Either way, I liked it.
If you're so bored man, why not post an update to Digital Obscuria with your craptastic CD-I system you got from Xibby's dad last year. Mine is currently hooked up even if I don't play it that much. It makes a great VCD player! XD

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