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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Moving Crysta (35th Vlog)
Posted June 10, 2007 - 23:18:43

This weekend I drove across the state and back again to move Crysta (and her remaining things that had been at her Father's house) from Milwaukee into her new place in Eau Claire. It sucks that she's going to be halfway across the state, but at least the scenery is pretty.
Music comes from various sources in this entry. Of course there's the opening chimes by To Slay Zombie Newton, but I threw in some Two Minute Drill (which is the band my brother used to be in). I also finish it off with a cover of the To Slay Zombie Newton song Davnesaur as a Polka... performed by none other than myself. Yep, I sat around with GarageBand and the Digital Piano and put this together. And yes, I'm singing all five vocal parts, and doing the absolutely terrible German accents.

(If you want a full version of that Davnesaur Polka on MP3, you can download it here)

It nice to be able to spend one more weekend with Crysta considering I'm not going to see her for a couple of weeks (not until I go up to Matthew and Andrea's wedding). Frankly, it really sucks that there's a couple hundred miles between us now. On Friday, it will be Crysta and my six month mark. As I will be in Milwaukee, she and I decided to celebrate it on Saturday. We went out to Acoustic Cafe, and then went back to her place and watched the new Doctor Who and then His Girl Friday. I know, it probably doesn't sound all that interesting, but it was a nice evening for us.

We're a strange nerdy folk, I know.

Anyway, the ride home was fairly uneventful, apart from occasionally propping up the camera and recording the drive. I prefer uneventful drives, but they do make for uninteresting stories to tell afterwards. Ah well, at least the scenery was pretty. I do love the Wisconsin scenery.

It makes me happy.

This week though I turn the job hunt up a notch. I really have been putting things off while Crysta was in town. But I lack any excuses now, so it's about time I dig down. Income would be a good thing, y'know?
- Traegorn

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