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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The 2007 Scavenger Hunt (31st Vlog)
Posted May 12, 2007 - 20:55:29

Every May, probably since like 2001, a bunch of us have gone out, broken into teams with Digital Cameras, and gone a bizarre version of a Scavenger Hunt. This is probably the last time I get to do this, since I'm moving out of town in a week - so I of course brought a second camera with us to video it.
We have a fairly varied soundtrack for this installation, with (of course) To Slay Zombie Newton for the intro, then a bit of Three Dog Night thrown in the middle, and finally ending with the ever-strange Shonen Knife to finish things off. I know I've been dipping into the Japanese music well a bit more than usual, but for that you can blame Peso having dumped MP3s on me over Skype. Well, you can only half blame him for the Anna Tsuchiya that I have used in a few entries - because while he played that one for me, I went out and downloaded the MP3 of that myself.

It's an addictive song.

Anywho, this year's Scavenger Hunt went pretty well, if you ignore the part where Leah left her purse at Erbert's and Gerbert's, and we had to run back and get it. On the upside, her purse was retrieved fairly successfully and all ended up being all right in the end.

It's amazing how long we've been doing this Scavenger Hunt thing. The first year was 2002 (I had thought it was longer than that, but upon further reflection and a bit of research, I've found that 2002 was the real year we started). So for the last six years, we've been going out and making fools out of ourselves... The tomfoolery has evolved quite a bit too, as you can tell by looking at the original year's photos. How's that for trippy, eh?

Today is the lovely Crysta's birthday, so everyone should wish her a Happy one. At midnight last night I made everyone at OA sing Happy Birthday to her - much to her chagrin. So everyone should be sure to say hi to my favorite Taurus. I was invited to a couple of parties tonight, but I've decided instead to stay in, and spend the time with Crysta instead.

Totally worth it.

This week is Finals week, and my last week in Eau Claire. It's kind of weird for me, to know I'm leaving this place. Such is the way life works though, so we'll see what happens next.
- Traegorn

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What is it about this year's scavenger hunt and my ass? It's funny how for some reason I thought that my long slitted skirt was more modest than the short flowy one.
You people are all crazy.
Where can we download this mp3?

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