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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Capstone: Done (the 30th Vlog)
Posted May 6, 2007 - 14:24:36

I finished what my Capstone paper this week. This is sort of huge deal, and has been the cause of most of my stress lately - so I'm INCREDIBLY relieved. I simply call this vlog "Capstone: Done."
Music in this entry was provided by (as always) To Slay Zombie Newton. Additional music was swiped from Anna Tsuchiya, specifically "Slap the Naughty Body." I really do like that song too much. Speaking of To Slay Zombie Newton, VHSteve dragged me on stage during their concert on the campus mall on Thursday to fill time. Because a guitar string had broken, they needed to fill time, so he made me perform "3.5 Miles." 3.5 Miles is a cover of the Proclaimers' classic "I'm Gonna Be/500 Miles" gone horribly wrong. It's hard to explain, but we first did it for NoBrandCon two years ago - and its been almost that long since they'd had me perform it with them.

I punched VHSteve afterwards. *grin*

Anyways, the Capstone. I worked my ass off on that paper. I'm honestly not sure if I actually like it or not... but it doesn't matter.

Because it's DONE.

So, I guess I'm stuck with it either way. On the upside, it also means I don't have this massive, hanging cloud of stress over my head anymore. I'm 90% done with my project for my Web Design class too, and my final paper for my normal Poli Sci class is getting finished tonight... so other than my 100 level religions course that I'm taking because I just needed 3 more credits from anywhere, I'm pretty much done with school as of Monday.

Boy is that a trippy thing to think about.

But it's going to be nice to actually be able to relax a little. Crysta and I barely saw each other these last couple of weeks because I've been so busy getting stuff done. It's like I've been out of town, even though I'm only a five minute walk away most of the time. Of course, she's probably going to be incredibly busy for the next two weeks with her own projects and finals... but I digress. At least she'll be in Milwaukee for three weeks after the semester ends.

We'll get to see each other then.

I hope.


On the upside, she and I have gotten to spend most of this weekend together (hence why this didn't get posted until Sunday instead of my usual Saturday). Next weekend should be interesting as well. Friday night is the annual OA Scavenger Hunt, which should be a lot of fun running around town like idiots. Saturday is Crysta's birthday - and while I have no idea what we'll be doing for that yet, I'm sure I'll come up with something.

But I digress. I've got an episode of Doctor Who here waiting to be watched.
- Traegorn

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Thanks for covering for us (mostly me) on that guitar string thing. That whole show was a fucking train wreck.

You should be at our show tomorrow, which won't be a trainwreck, because we've been practicing this week.
On the upside, when Zombie Newton is a train wreck these days, y'all still sound better than Zombie Newton did like two years ago. :P

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