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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The 29th Video Features Old Friends
Posted Apr 30, 2007 - 1:03:18

Some old friends of mine came to visit from Japan for a week. See what happens when you put me, Peso, and Vinnk in a room together. Seriously... it's mildly funny.

So, the music in this entry is a bit more varied than normal. First off, you've got some To Slay Zombie Newton in those opening notes (as per usual). Then, you get the Cro-Magnons' oddly familiar sounding "Tally-Ho" (which I swore was a cover when I first heard it, but all evidence is pointing to it being an original song oddly enough... but I hope that's not the case because it would mean I'm losing my mind thinking I've heard it in another language before). Finally, the thing ends with The Presidents of the United States Of America classic "Kitty."

Yeah, that's a bit of a mix.

I shot this on Thursday and Friday night, thanks to my very kind, sweet, patient girlfriend Crysta letting me waste time with some old friends. Seriously, it's nice to have a conversation in person with someone you usually only ever get to see on the internet.

It was also nice to be able to go out and have fun in a non-convention-pressure environment. I mean, I hung out with them the weekend before at NoBrandCon, but we were all running around like chickens with our head's cut off. I think at this point I'll plug Rising Stuff, Vinnk and Peso's side business. They have probably some of the best prices on LEGIT Japanese music due to their unique business model (buying used CDs, buying out stores that go out of business, etc.). I thoroughly recommend them - although you should give them a week, since they're in the states visiting family at the moment and can't fulfill orders (or update their inventory) until they get back.

Frankly, I think it was just nice to get out and do something fun for once. Too often stuff with my social circle gets overly complicated because of... certain people... and it was just nice to be able to go out in a stress free environment.

Oh, and Excite Truck is yet another reason why I need to get a Wii.

And no, there is absolutely no good reason for me to have been wearing a cowboy hat in this vlog. And no, it's not mine - and yes I returned it to its owner.

I used both forms of its/it's in that last sentence. I am a grammar GOD.

But I digress, I have to get back to work on my CS321 project I'd been putting off. Developing eCommerce systems for the real world isn't fun kids... I can't leave massive security holes in it like I would if this were just for a classroom sandbox. My client has to actually use this in the real world...

...geh. Ah well, at least I can add it to my code library.
- Traegorn

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Thanks for the plug.  And yes, everyone NEEDS Excite Truck.. it's just so...  so...  EXCITE!

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