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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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NoBrandCon 2007 is the 28th video...
Posted Apr 23, 2007 - 18:44:24

We just put on our sixth NoBrandCon this last weekend. Here are the highlighted sections I was able to actually catch on video (as I was incredibly busy). No complicated titles for this other than "No Brand Con 2007."
Music for this was partially provided by the awesome To Slay Zombie Newton (and it features a few seconds of them performing live). Other music by Anna Tsuchiya, specifically "Slap the Naughty Body," which has been going through my head since Peso played it for me.

I'll post photos, a full con report, and the third plot video (which has been on YouTube and the NoBrandCon webpage for a week) this week sometime - but here are the highlights:
  • Hanzo the Razor: Bigger than Ever!
  • Opening Ceremonies GOING AS PLANNED!
  • My kind, awesome, thoughtful girlfriend Crysta making me my favorite cookies (:)) for vital nourishment.
  • Hanging with Derek, and catching up
  • Seeing everyone at Taeliac Studios, and making Kellin feel awkward at the dance when I slapped his ass.
  • Watching how confused Kaje's fiance was when I grabbed his man-boob and he didn't react
  • Seeing the Verssen Werks Presents ladies, if only for a little while.
  • GLOMP!
  • Being said "Hi" to so many times within a ten minute period that I virtually got whiplash.
  • DAMIEN!!!
  • Trying to steal Vinnk and Peso's money.
  • The girl who recognized that I was the Gardening Ninja, but had never heard of Hanzo the Razor.
  • Seeing everyone from the forums - both here and at
  • Watching Yushi and Dark get into a bidding war on me during the Man Auction
  • Going for $75 in the Man Auction... on a spite bid by Jim to keep Yushi from winning me after Dark didn't have enough money to keep going.
  • Lunch with Jim and his friend the next day.
  • The Variety Show.
  • Creatively turning an extension cord into a doorstop.
  • Creatively turning a wire hanger into a doorstop.
  • Creatively turning a trophy into a doorstop.
  • Creatively turning a chair into a doorstop.
  • Not noticing until later that we had some ACTUAL doorstops.
There were so many people I met, re-met, hung out with, and otherwise flying tackled and/or was flying tackled by that I can't even begin to imagine listing all of them. Even when I do my full report, a lot of stuff will probably get left out too. I've learned and forgotten so many names in the last few days - I swear.

Next year will rock even more, I swear.
- Traegorn

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yeah, we were running around taking fun pictures most of the time. there is one where kaylene and i look naked!
That To Slay Zombie Newton concert rocked!  One of the mroe awkward moments for me was when I had passed out from exhaustion in Anime Room 1 Sunday morning.  When I did finally wake up at 9am, I ended up running into a whole bunch of people who said they spotted me there at that time. 
Wait, which TSZN concert? The long one was real good, but we sucked at the variety show (mostly due to equipment problems, but still).

But yeah, NBCon was a bunch of fun. I think I can officially declare myself one of the better Guitar Hero players among the general populace.
It was the Friday concert.  You can spot me in the video as the guy with the black hair breifly looking back.  I'm fairly certain too I could sopt myself in the dance segment as the guy who had those glow sticks around the head.
I have no idea why it marked me as Anonomyus in that last comment, cause I did log in prior to making the comment.
awesome seeing you (and everyone) again this year. and wow, over 900 guests this year. it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

another rockin video trea.
Just wait till next years round of Hi's. How's the wrench? :P
Apparently my ducttape prototype hat went to more events than me...

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