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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The 27th Vlog is about Spring and Stress
Posted Apr 14, 2007 - 20:07:21

Stress builds as the convention looms in a week. I'm not getting much sleep, and there's so much work to do... on the other hand, it's a gorgeous day out right now. I call this "Spring and Stress."

Music provided in part by the illustrious locals To Slay Zombie Newton as usual. Additional soundtrack comes from that classic song of my youth "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" by the Proclaimers. I love that song, I really do. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that it is my jam.

NoBrandCon is only one source of stress for me right now, but it is the one that seems to be looming the most visibly. More notably I have a lot of work stress, and school stress too. Frankly, if I could power a building with my own worry, well... we'd be able to save quite a bit on power bills.

My head is ready to explode - seriously.

On the upside, NoBrandCon IS going to be here in a week - and I plan on having a fantastic time. For three days I'm just going to totally forget my problems. Sure, I'll have to deal with them again on the Monday after - but that's for the Monday. Until then though, I have to get as much done as possible.

Derek is coming into town on Thursday for the con, and he'll be staying at my place for the weekend. I still need to find someone to pick him up from the bus station, as I lack a car (and I'll be at work when he gets here). I love hanging out with Derek - and I hope that I actually get to hang out with him during the con (since we both end up running around and doing different stuff). If anyone feels like helping me out, just send me a line.

I've had a splitting headache on and off since Thursday night, and I have no idea why. I didn't have one this morning, but it kicked in not that long after lunch. I don't think it's caffeine related, as my intake hasn't gone up or down in the last few days. I think I'm just incredibly stressed out, and that's what's causing it.

I honestly just want to sleep at this point - but that's unlikely to happen any time soon.

On the upside the weather has been gorgeous today, and I took a nice walk down by the rock in Putnam Park. It's been a nice day, and the temperature is actually quite warm. It looks like things are going to stay this warm too - so I look forward to a nice week for NoBrandCon.

But I need to get back to work.
- Traegorn

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