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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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And the 26th video is about the oncoming CRUNCH!
Posted Apr 8, 2007 - 12:41:16

It's only two weeks until NoBrandCon 6 (the anime convention I co-founded and help run) and I'm a bit stressed out... that, and, ROBOTS! I mean, c'mon, Robots need Hugs too. I title this one "Crunch Time!"
Music, as always, provided by To Slay Zombie Newton - clearly my favorite local band at this point. I mean, if you've made it through twenty-six vlogs and not figured that out... well, then I'm sorry? Yeah.

I shot this as I walked to and from the OA House, so I ended up being incredibly thankful for the deserted streets. I mean, not only does one look weird walking down the street carrying a camera talking to oneself, but add in a Robot... well, yeah.

I'm never sure what to call this guy - Executron or Robo-Gojira. I mean, storywise, his real name should be Robo-Gojira, as Executron was just a name he took on to disguise his identity. On the other hand, Gojira is a trademarked name, and a reference to a staffer who isn't as well known to the attendees as he used to be. So, I guess we'll just keep calling him Executron.

It's very confusing.

I shot this vlog on Saturday, right before we made the plot video. TheHerald (Paul) still has the footage for that, and I'm waiting for him to send it to me so I can edit it together and get this thing online. In theory, I need to have the plot video posted by Monday. We're really digging all of the obscure NoBrandCharacters out of the woodwork for this one. I mean, I think the ONLY ones who haven't been brought in are Wilson Oakes (who we killed off, so that one's obvious) and Bubble Wrap Girl (because the actress who plays her is not accessable to me). I mean, Cardboard Commando has been brought out, along with Executron and the least known "Science Teacher Lady." I'm shocked if anyone even remotely remembers her from last year's opening ceremonies...

I had been planning on posting this yesterday (and it has actually been on LiveVideo since then actually) but I decided instead to go over to Crysta's. We watched a movie, ordered a Pizza, and had a nice, quiet evening. To me, that takes significant priority over posting a vlog. Heck, the only reason I'm not still there is that I have actual work to get done today. See, all that work I put off the last two days is now sitting in front of me.

I guess it's crunch time for more than one thing, huh.

Having Spring Break and the one day off for Easter have been required for me to make it through this I think. I mean, if not for them I'd be at breaking stress point. As is, I'm at fairly high levels. The good news is, after the con, I can focus on class and graduating alone. Heck, I can do that BEFORE the con, as most of my work will be done in the next two days.

I'd like to say that I thought ahead and got this stuff ready - but the truth is that I just happened to get most the con stuff done early this year. Or should I say on schedule... since I'm usually behind on Con stuff. It amazes me sometimes - not only does NoBrandCon happen every year, but we actually seem to know what we're doing. For some odd reason that both impresses and terrifies me at the same time.

I mean, sure, there are personal differences between staffers, and even some drama - but none of it is on how the convention should be run, or on what needs to get done. When we all get together to work towards the convention, we manage to work along side each other and get the job done without problems. It actually makes me feel great to see people who can put their petty differences aside for the good of everyone else.

I really do think that's neat.

But I have to get to work on stuff - I've procrastinated too long already... and it's only been five minutes.

Be good.
- Traegorn

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Awww, I'm not memorable. :(
You are memorable.  Your character has only appeared for five minutes on stage ever - so I'm assuming that until this video is released, most won't know who she is.

On the other hand, EVERYONE knows who the Kitty is. :P
I will be getting that picture of me and Executron :-)
yes it was so sweet...
and Now I know what Executron looks like in reality...
Somehow, in some vauge way, I DO remember Science Teacher Lady from last year's Opening Ceremonies. 
Robo-Gojira was purchased at Goodwill, not Savers.  I was there.
Goodwill, Savers... all I know is that I found some guy on the web trying to sell the same model toy for $50.  He's absolutely nuts.
I think Vinnk may have bought that...  Maybe Peso or Neil...  I didn't.  I think I decorated it, though.  I remember thinking that it was vitally important that it be covered in duct tape.  I'm not really sure.
The origins of Executron are MYSTERIOUS!!! *wiggles fingers*

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