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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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And things are going as expected...
Posted Mar 21, 2007 - 15:38:28

73rd St.The following things are pieces of information which may or may not be useful in the long run to any individuals who choose to read this area of text regurgitation. Whether or not they are of any importance is entirely up to the reader, as most things in life are.
  1. I am alive. This is likely somewhat important to everyone, so I thought I'd start with it.
  2. I am in Milwaukee. Well, Wauwatosa actually, but Milwaukee is a block and a half away from here, so I figure it's close enough to just say "I'm in Milwaukee" to prevent confusion. Maybe I should have just went with "I'm not in Eau Claire," but I think that's just too general. Milwaukee at least points people to the right region, y'know?
  3. I will be in Milwaukee until Sunday. Milwaukee, Milwaukee Area, whatever. If you want to do something with me, and you are in the area, E-mail me or PM me (or call if you have the number at my parents' house).
  4. I enjoy Star Trek reruns. Okay, so that's completely unimportant to anyone, but right now Patrick Stewart's voice is on in the background, and that makes me happy. Deal with it.
  5. Finding High Speed DSL when you were expecting Dialup is always nice. See, my parents finally upgraded to a decent internet connection -- and that makes me happy. Not to mention, they have a wireless router, so I can connect with my laptop and not be tethered to a cord.
  6. My parents have a nice TV. Seriously, it is glorious. And the 5.1 Surround Sound they picked up with it doesn't hurt either. It's like... huge. I remember when I was a kid and I thought the 27" TV they bought when I was little was giant... this thing though is wonderful, in all of it's huge HD flatscreen glory.
  7. My laptop sucks. It does. It's turning itself off randomly now, so I never know if things are going to work properly or not... I'm literally saving my work every five minutes, and it's annoying.
  8. I wish I had downloaded the Sarah Jane Adventures Pilot. I really, really should have. Now I think I'll have to hunt it down.
  9. I can't wait until we get new Doctor Who on March 31st. I love that show so much - it's true. I still need to pick up the Series 2 DVDs, but I'll wait until they come down in price a bit.
  10. I am a total geek. I think that's apparent, but I think the world needs to be reminded of that.
  11. You should come to NoBrandCon. Preregistration ends tomorrow, but c'mon - you need to come.

To get out of list mode for a second, the last several days have been interesting. It's always odd to come back to my parents' house for any period of time, and this is no exception. I can always be guaranteed that something is going to be different than the last time I was here - this time, it was for the better (they bought a new TV and got the highspeed internet) - but it's always slightly disconcerting.

The trip down here on Sunday was fairly uneventful, Crysta and I got picked up by Liz's Dad, and we headed down without any significant incidents occuring. Crysta hung out at my parents house with me for a while and stayed for dinner. Later that night I drove her to her Dad's house, which is annoyingly a good fifteen minutes away. Monday I did nothing notable, besides make some Torchwood DVDs for my parents (that really needs to get a stateside release, I swear), and I watched the Doctor Who 2006 Christmas Special with the parental units, as they hadn't seen it yet.

On Tuesday morning my Dad went out of town on a business trip, so it's just me and my Mom around here now. That night Crysta came over here and we hung out... and did absolutely nothing important beyond watching a bunch of TV on the bigscreen. Tonight I'm probably going out and doing stuff with Derek, and then I have to finish typing up the program guide information for the main events at NoBrandCon. It should be a fairly good time (the hanging out with Derek part - not the typing up information... that part is going to be boring).

And I have far too much fun playing with my Dad's digital piano - really, I do.
- Traegorn

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But now Rose is gone, and the lovely 9th Doctor, so there's no point.  T.T
I agree, having a high speed internet service that is wireless is very expendable. Sucks to have a labtop, but at least you can use it pretty much anywhere you want to.

<a href="">T1-T3-DSL</a>
Did I just get comment spam?

I think I did.  Wow.  And that had to be a manual person too - since this is specialized software I wrote myself, and the comment post form for Anonymous users is hidden in  JavaScript...


Anywho - to the first person: I actually like David Tennant quite a bit, and Runaway Bride proved he could carry the series without Piper to me.  The series is good, and is going to continue to be.

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