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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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And the 22nd video talks about the warming weather...
Posted Mar 10, 2007 - 20:27:45

As spring approaches, things have finally begun to thaw out around here. I decided to take a walk into a local park, and enjoy the nice weather. I call this vlog entry "The Thaw Begins."
So, as per usual, music is provided by the kick-ass To Slay Zombie Newton. Will I ever replace them as my soundtrack? I have no idea. Find me another band willing to let me use their stuff for free and with minimal credits, and I'll take a listen to them. *grins* For now though, I think I'll stick with what works.

I shot this whole thing in about a half an hour today, having originally planned to do something completely different -- which I guess I'll save for a later video I guess. The original idea was far less timing based, so I guess reusing it later would be fairly easy. Going down to the river at Putnam Park was just sort of a spontaneous diversion, and I'm happy with what I ended up with. It really was just absolutely gorgeous out today, and I do just love living right across from the river.

I know I've been updating less than normal, but I've been fairly busy. I swear, I'm pretty much pulling my hair out at this point. I had intended to make a few blog posts last week, including one where I pointed you to the full MarsCon 2007 Report - but it, like many things, just sort of passed by the wayside.

What kind of sucks is that this next week looks to be worse. On the upside, I can promise some new site content -- as I've made a short film for the NoBrandCon plotline, and just haven't added it over here yet. In theory I'll blog more - but as I have two midterms, a presentation, work projects, and quite a bit of other stuff going on... who knows. My sanity peters on the edge, I swear... and if I start bleeding out my ears and chanting "They're coming to get me" over and over again, I don't think anyone would really end up being surprised.

Fortunately, in a week, I go back to Milwaukee for Spring Break. I'm kind of excited about this, as I've been functioning at near melt-down levels just to get everything done on schedule. Seriously, I'm getting completely exhausted - and that's with making sure I get a reasonable amount of sleep. Spring Break couldn't come at a better time, I swear to whatever friggin' diety is convenient.

I'm going to cut this off here though, and get back to work on some stuff.

Everyone have a good night...
- Traegorn

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Your blog shows an example of two things that make me smile. I love that in the spring any set of stairs that was not regularly shoveled turns into a ramp of ice, and I love that whenever anyone sees a duck they're astonished and need to say "Oh wow, look at the DUCK!" as if everyone hasn't seen ducks about 20 times a year. I always do it, there's just something about ducks. I mean, who says "Hey, it's a sparrow!" or "Ooh, look at the fish"? No one. It's always about the ducks.
Are you aware that this video isn't showing up on YouTube anymore? I already watched it, so it doesn't matter to me, but I just wanted to make sure you knew.

I liked this video. It was simple, but also fairly introspective at the same time.
Matt - it shows up fine on YouTube for me.

Kitty - Pointing out Ducks is fun! :)

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