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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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MarsCon 2007 gives us a 21st video...
Posted Mar 4, 2007 - 22:55:04

I went to MarsCon 2007, in Bloomington, MN, to help run the NoBrandCon sponsored room party. Hilarity ensued... sort of. We met old friends, made new ones, and possibly made fools of ourselves... but that's just how things go. I decided to go with the simple title: MarsCon 2007.

Music provided by the ever enduring (until they choose not to) To Slay Zombie Newton, along with a little bit of Lt. SNORKEL in there as well. This is probably my longest vlog to date - but it's because there was just so much stuff I wanted to get in there. Honestly, I was cutting things out that I wanted in there just to get it down to this length (seven minutes).

I was sick this weekend, so before you ask, I never tried Liz's "Greenboy." Yeah - I know - I was sick and I still went and did this convention. But, honestly, it was worth it. I did, however, make sure that I went to bed instead of pulling the all-nighter that I usually do at cons like this (when I'm not driving). The MarsCon party we ran last year was a bit of a mess - but this year everything went perfectly. I'll write up a full report later this week, but I think I capture a lot of it in this video.

I do want to mention that I ran into Brian Graupner at the con, which was strange. I went to High School with him, and literally haven't seen him since graduation. Oddly enough, his band had performed a concert at the con (The Gothsicles), and he apparently performs at quite a few other cons.

Again, totally shocked.

He stopped by our room party and hung out for a while. His band will be playing at Odyssey Con in April (the week before NoBrandCon), so if you're going to that you should check them out. We also ran into Julie (who is a long term attendee and friend of NoBrandCon) at the con, and I sat around and talked with her and her friends for a while.

In the end, I think it was a 100% successful trip, and I hope I can do it again next year. Things like this help me psych up for

I can see the moon through my window right now, and it's poking through the clouds. It's an incredibly pretty sight, and I just had to share that. I hope everyone has a good night.
- Traegorn

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OddCon, eh...?
Yep - if you're going you should check them out Sean.

If we didn't already have a musical guest this year, I'd say we should try to get them - but maybe for next year?
That might not be a bad idea.  You know, if they're any good... hahaha...

Seriously dude, check our their MySpace page and listen to Konami Code.  It's hilarious.
I should try a GreenBoy sometime soon.
I already saw that - but yeah - it looks like they're a pretty good live show. :)

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