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What is this bizarre form of precipitation? January 15, 2007 - 12:23:44

There's actually snow on the ground. In Wisconsin.

What should be a relatively common occurrence has been quite MIA the past couple months, and even winters.

It's been, what, in the 40s-50s and raining for the first part of this winter? And that's becoming almost normal for Wisconsin...

And people opppose the basic facts of Global Warming... that the climate is warming up.

Have they been outside?

Before I start a dialogue on a certain well-known writer whose books have become several blockbuster movies (Jurassic Park, anyone?), I'm going to shut up and revert from adult-with-well-backed-scientific-opinions to kid-who-thinks-snow-is-pretty.


Who wants to play in it with me?

- Itsatrap
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