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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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My mandatory update...
Posted Jan 6, 2007 - 17:38:00

I realize that I haven't been updating this space as much as I'd like to, so this is me, making myself sit down and write something.  Exciting? Perhaps not.  But such is life.

To dial things back, Chris flew into Milwaukee a week ago, and he's in town for another week.  The first night he was in town, Derek, Chris and I all hung out, rented a movie, and had a pretty good time over at Derek's current apartment.  For New Year's Eve (the next night), I dragged Crysta out to the party over at Derek's place, at which we had a pretty good time.  Much Wii Sports at 3am commenced.  Most of my social life while home has been a mix of hanging out with Crysta, Derek, or Chris... or any combination of the three.  Mostly either watching movies at my place with Crysta, or hanging out with Derek and Chris at Derek's place.  Not that exciting, I know - but I'm having a relatively good time.  Also, Wii Sports will leave your arm exhausted if you start playing it for a long time and you've never played it before.

One of the nights Derek, Chris, John (Derek's brother), some of John's friends and I went out to a bar and just hung out for a while.  I, as always, ended up being the designated driver.  I had an incredibly good time, and enjoyed myself... but somewhere along the drive home though I must have driven over something because the next morning I awoke to the van having a mysterious flat tire.

Which sucks.

We let it sit in the driveway for a few days, and my Dad and I went out to change the tire today to the spare (so we can drive it down to the autoshop on Monday).  Well, what we thought would be a twenty minute job turned into an hour and a half of running around and trying to figure stuff out as it turns out the spare tire for the van was also flat.


So, after messing around for a while we finally got everything sorted out and working, but I swear to god - it was a comedy of errors that was totally not my or my Dad's fault but entirely equipment based.  It was a long, long day.

Such is life though.

- Traegorn

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