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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Last of the interviews...
Posted Jan 3, 2007 - 15:12:41

So, previously on this site (see the first entry here and second entry here) I answered various interview questions from you guys.  I hadn't finished answering all of them from what was left though, so I thought I should get that taken care of.

From Kitty...
1. If someone told you that Coke (reg, diet, etc.) was poison and you could never drink it again, how long would you last before you drank yourself to death?
Oh, I don't think that I'd actually drink myself to death immediately... I'd probably find some placebo like Root Beer or something and just hold out on that... for like a few months, and break down and practically drown myself in Coke. *grin*

2. Do you ever worry about your future?
Constantly. I just don't talk about it with anyone.  Most people didn't even notice my near-melt down this semester, and while I maintained my GPA and ability to graduate in May, it was only because I figured out what I was doing to myself again.  I had to fight my own instincts fairly hard to prevent "Trae has a total college meltdown, Part II" midway through October through most of November.  I was in a bad place and did a lot of stuff I probably shouldn't have because of it.  Even now though, when I can theoretically take a breath, I find myself with a creeping terror in the back of my head everyday.

Just remember, I am incredibly good at hiding how I feel when I want to.

3. Why are you such a "horrible horrible person"?
Y'know, 2006 was probably my most "horrible" year (especially late 2006 - probably in part due to what I mentioned in my last answer), and it's because... well... when I'm stressed out I have terrible impulse control.  In those cases, the only thing that ever stops me is if I think my doing so will hurt someone.  So, when single... things happen. Horrible, horrible things. Of course, sometimes those "horrible, horrible things" lead me to places I'm happy I ended up in.

Like the place I'm at now.

4. What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
Oh god, that's actually an incredibly tough question.  So, it depends.  Are we considering burgers? If we are, I love a good Bacon Cheeseburger with Barbeque Sauce on it.  Otherwise, it's tough.  A pig must somehow be involved, be it bacon or ham - and preferably both.  I love the Ham Hoagie at Acoustic Cafe, which I would kill for... which while it doesn't involve bacon, tastes delicious.  I prefer a white cheese like Provolone or Swiss over a Chedder or American, but I'm flexible.  As for condiments, it really depends.  If it's just lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers, I'll go with mayo.  If we're talking about pickles and yellow peppers, I like a nice honey mustard...  I really could go on.

5. Why are you so enamored of politics?
Because I need to feel like I'm doing something important for my community.  And no, I'm not kidding.  Believe it or not, I have an internal motivation based on civic duty and a need to find, strengthen, and build communities.  What is said as a joke, but is meant in earnest about me, is that if I had been raised Christian I would have joined the Clergy.  Ironically, when this son of Agnostics found faith, it was in a religion that doesn't centralize.

Politics is my replacement for this calling.


A real update will be here next time, I promise.

- Traegorn

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