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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Twelfth Video to Sum up 2006
Posted Dec 30, 2006 - 3:34:20

I'll post the rest of my interview answers in my next entry (see this entry, as well as this one), but I felt the need to post this year's reflection in Video form. So, here it is: 2006 - The Year in Review

Music again by To Slay Zombie Newton, although rather than cut off "The Song We Wrote Last Night" after three seconds, I used it as the theme for the whole piece. Do also forgive the typo in one of the end credit title cards as well... producing videos while in Milwaukee is a bit of a pain in the ass.

A year ago I dubbed 2006 "The Year of Action," and in many ways it was... just not the actions I thought I would make. My life today is one I am incredibly happy with, even though it isn't quite what I was expecting. There are things that I thought were permanent that are now gone, and things that I thought temporary that seem here to stay.

Sometimes you forget how good things can be if you just let them.

There's stuff I haven't talked about in this space as well, as it is too new for me to want to broadcast (as it would be bad luck to do so)... but some of you who have talked to me in the last two weeks may already know... as it's been written all over my face. Or maybe it hasn't - I must realize that I'm actually relatively good at hiding this sort of thing occasionally.

So, 2006 is over... and I have to dub 2007 (as I've been doing so since the 2003 "Year of Suck"). 2007 I now dub "A Year of Transition, Change, and Advancement." Sounds more like a toast than a decent proclamation, but I figure what the heck.

Let's hope it turns out well.
- Traegorn

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