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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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My Interview, Part 2
Posted Dec 28, 2006 - 3:45:34

So, as previously seen in this space, I continue with the interview questions that have been presented to me.

From azumangadaioh22...
1. If you could be any atuomobile, what would you be and why?

I've never never heard of an atuomobile, but if you mean automobile I'd have to go with a 2003 Saturn SC2 - the last year they made them before replacing them with the ion.  I'd be sensible, rust-proof... but also quite fun to drive at 100mph.  Y'know... not that I've ever driven a Saturn over 100mph... often... enough so that I once had my license suspended for just over two weeks for excessive speed... (only ticket I've ever gotten by the way)...

2. If they ever brought MST3K back and you were in charge of picking the first movie they mock, what movie would that be?
Hard. Rock. Zombies.  If only for the Calvsie song...  Either that, or Abraxas.  Abraxas is just plain terrible, as Jesse Ventura plays a "Space Cop" trying to find the Comater to prevent the bad guy from unlocking the anti-life equation.  It makes me cry, especially the Jim Belushi cameo.

3. Kirk or Picard: Who's greater?
Sisko.  Next question.

4. Why does Reality TV exist?
Because somewhere, deep inside, we're a bunch of sicko voyeur's obsessed with living vicariously through the actions of other people.  That, and they're a hell of a lot cheaper to produce that drama series where you have to pay each cast member the same amount as the single prize you might hand out at the end of a Reality Series.  I blame MTV's Real World myself though.  Of course, I then go produce Vlogs of my regular activities, effectively transforming my life into a very low budget reality series.

5. Worst thing to ever come out of Hollywood?
I would say Manos: Hands of Fate - but I don't think Hollywood had anything to do with that atrocity of a film... so I'll have to go back to the previously mentioned Abraxas.  That, and Hayden Christiensen.

From Winchester...
1. Really now, are you ever going to graduate?
Actually, it looks like I'll be crossing the stage in May.  That's right, Trae is getting out of college finally. *grins*

2. What political office are you going to aspire to next? (meaning actually run for, we all know that you want to be Senator Dorn (D-WI)).
I plan on aspiring to... I have no idea.  Somedays I consider just tossing politics out of my life altogether.  Other days, I think about trying to work for non-profits...  if I do run again, it will be for either a county or city level position though - that's for damn sure.  Which one though will depend on where I choose to live post-graduation.

3. Doesn't the double parenthesis just look weird on that last question?
I'm comfortable with it.

4. If you ever get the time and money, you should totally come out to San Diego for a few days. Okay, that's not really a question, so much as it is a statement, so let's see... Explain the true meaning of the original ending to Eva.
I so totally should go out to San Diego, I could visit my cousins... I don't see my Uncle Mark enough... oh, wait, you meant to see you... hmmm... I'll think about it.  Anyway, onto the question - the original ending of eva was about Shinji's emotional journey of understanding that the only person who could make him happy was himself, and that no one else could pull him out of his cycle of depression but him.  It showed the series wasn't about giant creatures fighting giant creatures dressed in robot suits (sorry, did I just spoil part of Eva? Who cares. The series is almost ten years old...) but instead Shinji's own emotional journey out of depression.

I hated the movie.  It totally destroyed the character.

5. In your best (or worst) 1337 speak, tell us why you will never stop losing to me in Halo.
|3<-(4\_/53 |_1/=3 15 (_)/\//=41R3, 4/\/|) 50/\/\3\/\/H3R3 4|_0/\/G 73H \/\/4'/ j00 |3|21|3e|) /\/\$ 70 /\/\4K3 17 1/\/\P0551|3|_3 2 |_37 j00 c|13 1/\/ H4|_0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111eleventy1one


- Traegorn

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I really had a hard time reading that l33t.

I suppose I should use my blog for more than posting my Karma challenge pictures. So...interview me.
Interview Me.
Jesus, my 1337 is rusty as hell. not to mention, I never bribed you, you just plain suck.

Did you actually type that or just use a translator?
Chris, if you read carefully, I say you bribed M$, not M3. :P  I state you bribed Microsoft - and yes, I just typed that in.

Okies, more questions:

1. How many times do you think you'll "move back to EC"?
2. What goes up but does not come down?
3. If a multitude of small woodland mammals decided that you were their Queen, how many would you arbitrarily execute to maintain power?
4. Nickels, good or bad?
5. If I shot a Bananarama CD at the Moon with Rubberbands, would I have made it to Glenbogle?

1. When am I getting my copy of Vandal Hearts back?
2. How German is too German?
3. Have you ever woken up screaming after having a dream that you were Matt White?
4. Do fictional Chocobos have an afterlife, and if so - did Rex go to Chocobo heaven?
5. Do you miss having Kyle around as much as I do?

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