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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Some new 'music' for you...
Posted Dec 5, 2006 - 13:03:32

Social Room SessionSo, this last weekend, a bunch of us were sitting around in the Katharine Thomas "Social Room," messing around with some guitars and we began to improvise some very, very, very strange songs. As I had the camera, after a while I started recording them.

I called the whole thing "The Social Room Session" as I lack a better name to give credit to. Out of the whole mess, really there were about three different songs that I liked enough to put online. They are entitled Havana Nights, I Can't Read (Damn You McRib), and the soon to be classic ballad Used Cassette Tape.

"Havana Nights" tells the tale of someone who can't remember whether they grew up in Havana or if they just watched a Dirty Dancing movie. "I Can't Read (Damn You McRib)" has a dual story - on the one hand, it tells the morality tale of a man who can't read and must therefore work at McDonalds, while simultaneously complaining about how gross McRib sandwiches really are. Finally, "Used Cassette Tape" is a tragic ballad (in which I do a terrible Neil Young impression) telling the tale of a Cassette Tape... that is used. Oh, and it talks a lot about how Guthrie is a liar and a whore apparently too. We say "Whore" a lot in that song...

Most of the music was performed by Jake Russo (of Russo vs. Razor infamy), Guthrie Horgan, and Myself. The rest of the K.T. lobby-folk added additional support (and occasionally yelled stuff out for no reason).

I've also added the ability to comment on any video entry (be it in the short films or music categories on the site) so you can actually say something about them if you really feel like it. Only registered users will be able to take advantage of this though, really just so I don't have to worry about spambots.

Any questions? *grin*
- Traegorn

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But the Mcrib is soooo good...

Unless you are back on grill making them then they are soooo grosss...

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