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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Goodbye Kerm's...
Posted Dec 3, 2006 - 1:08:19

Kerm'sSo every two weeks, on payday, I swing down to the local grocery store, Kerm's, to pick up various necessities for the week or two ahead. Well, on Friday I went over there as per normal... to encounter a going out of business sale. That's right, Kerm's is closing its doors after more than 40 years.

There are about a bazillion reasons why this sucks. I mean, sure, Kerm's has always been overpriced and has had a selection that would be generously described as minimal, but it is also the only grocery store in the student neighborhood. Moreover, as a person who goes everywhere on foot, it means that for me to get groceries, I have to make an hour trip over to Ron's up at the ShopKo Plaza... geh.

Kerm's has been a bit of a staple for me in my years here in Eau Claire - especially in the two and a half years I've lived in KT. If you watch the short films that get posted here, you've seen it several times. It's in the Kerm's parking lot that the infamous Fanta Machine is located that is prominently featured in The Second Squashing of America and The Third Squashing of America (although it should be noted that the grocery store Topher, Beeffalo and SlitheryDee are actually in during the Second Squashing of America is Ron's and not Kerm's).

Apparently, the reason the store is closing is because of declining sales. With all of the chain grocery stores that have been moving in during the last few years I guess I can see how that can happen... but again, this is the only place in the neighborhood. I guess though that I'll have to go to Ron's... because it's at least locally owned. I refuse to let my grocery money go to Target/Walmart/Etc. The Pick N' Saves are locally owned by Mega, but they're way the heck out of my way... so Ron's it is.

Will there be a new grocery store in that location? I have no idea. They've apparently been very tight lipped about which parties have been interested in leasing the space. But even if a new grocery store opens up there, it won't be Kerm's... and that's just too bad.

Kerm's, we hardly knew ye.
- Traegorn

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Actually, we were in Festival Foods, as it was late.
Actually, you state quite clearly in the video that it's Ron's Castle Foods - and as a person who shopped there for years, and who shopped at Festival for a while, I can tell you that it's definitely Ron's in the video. :P

Sorry, had to get that out of the system there. I liked Kerm's. :c(

I would recommend Mega over Ron's. I know Ron's is closer, but Mega's better imho.

As for what they'll be replacing it with, I have a sinking suspicion that a parking lot is involved.
I can get to Ron's a lot faster thought - you forget, I lack a car.  Ron's is a bit of a hike, but it's a much shorter bus ride than Mega.

For some reason, I thought we had gone elsewhere...
Kerm's was also somehow affiliated with Roundy's (the company that owns Pick n' Save... or at least runs its corporate stores in southeastern wisconsin).

I don't think the selection at Kerms was that bad.. For comparison, all the 'grocery' stores near the U of M east bank campus are so limited that they moreso resemble gas stations than grocery stores.  Kerms was a nice campus grocery store.

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