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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Politics and a Blast From the Past...
Posted Nov 18, 2006 - 21:42:11

WoC Can't SpellFor those of you expecting a Vlog entry this weekend, I'm sorry to disappoint. You'll just have to be happy with the video mentioned in my last entry. Really, I think you can be tided over by my taking the week off. Mostly because while OA was a ton of fun, we didn't end up raiding the TV10 All Nighter - so nothing film-worthy occurred. Anywho, that's life.

Recently though, I ran across the current project of the prolific duo of Ryan Hagen and Jeff Behrens, is a blog/online magazine covering the 2008 election. Now, they were two of the four people behind the now defunct Bourgeois Pig blog, which I was very sad to see go to the great big blogroll in the sky...

...I'm off track. My point is that I recommend that everyone check out But as this is me endorsing something, I can't help but dig up some fun dirt for everyone while I'm at it. See, what you may not know is that back in the day, I used to co-run a website called "Homeworld." TRHOnline predated Homeworld, but most of the direction that this site went in post-2000 is mostly influenced by ideas originally intended for Homeworld. A section of Homeworld though was the "Homeworld Webcasting System" (think Podcasting before there were iPods). Now, besides the terrible show that Chris ("Winchester") Parch and I used to do, it also hosted Hagen and Behrens's show "The Wormhole of Coolness." Now, I thought all records of this station had been lost to time and the internet, but while digging around my old archives, I discovered one of their episodes from August of 1998. So, in an attempt to embarrass the world, here is an episode of "The Wormhole of Coolness":
(FILE REMOVED - Complicated Personal Reasons Involved. Sorry Guys.)

Oh, the humanity... Amazingly these guys keep working on stuff. This episode is from their second season, and I honestly wonder how much other stuff still exists from the show. I also discovered that I actually have the unreleased Season 4 premiere episode (which was to be part of the Homeworld relaunch that never happened... in 2000). If someone really wants it, I can give it to them - but it's a part of the "Communist Takeover" plot which was a bit different from their regular episodes. Personally, I think Hagen and Behrens should dig this stuff out, because frankly some of the stuff they did in the third season was comedy gold.

I hope you enjoy this stuff...
- Traegorn

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