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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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And now for a text entry... about a video?
Posted Oct 13, 2006 - 3:53:16

Squashing 2So, as previously promised, this entry will be a text entry, after my excursion into video. As mentioned before, I am not stopping the Vlogs - but I'm not going with them solely.

Of course, to compound ironies, this text entry is about... a video. That's right... so ironic you can practically taste it.

Anywho - what I have for you guys today is a new video... which is actually a really old video. Yes, since we released The Third Squashing of America, we thought it was about time that we launched... The SECOND Squashing of America. Topher shot this back in the fall of 2004 with a bunch of us on Water Street. You'll notice familiar faces, like Beeffalo (whose name Topher can't spell apparently), Topher, and Myself - along with some others you may not know, like Slithery Dee and Af Mas. You'll also see a young Stan, who is more noticable in my International Relations video as "Country B."

Topher did all the leg work on this production, but beyond a brief stint of this being hosted at 1337porn, its never really been seen by the general public. We decided that this needed to be remedied immediately.

At the moment I've only put it on YouTube, but I should have it on iFilm and have a source AVI online sometime tomorrow/today/whatever. In any case though, it is completely watchable right now.

As for what's actually happening in the Life of the Trae, today effectively sucked major ass... although at Juggling today I was successful in finally doing a whipcatch with the diabolo and actually knowing how I did it. This made Trae downright giddy. But that's really the only good moment...

...I ended up taking a walk after going down by the river for a while, which made me feel pretty damn good though. There's something about the Chippewa in the middle of the night that always has a calming and tranquil effect on me.

(It should be noted that I'm writing this blog entry after some serious sleep deprivation, so I may have to spell check... and coherant thought check this post in the morning... Trae is very loopy while writing this.)

Maybe I should go to sleep?

Yeah, I think I should go to sleep.

That's it... I'm going to sleep.


(And don't forget, there is still an Open Karma Challenge out there!)
- Traegorn

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Thank God.'s the context:

For sleep that is.  As I am not getting any.
I MUST HAVE SLITHERY DEE's OUTFIT!!! especialy the hat!!! he is awesome!
I remember that video! I saw that one via NBCon a year or two ago, and I laughed nigh-hysterically.
It's been floating around in the ether for a while... the funny thing is that I'd never bothered to watch the final version until about a month ago... and I'm IN the damned thing. :P

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