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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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A Third Excursion into Video - The Feedback Session
Posted Oct 11, 2006 - 1:04:56

So, after the first and second video entries, I decided to continue with this third installment. This entry, we look at the various feedback I've gotten from you guys about my last two entries:

So, yes, as in the previous entries, the opening guitar and the ending music are provided by local rock nerds To Slay Zombie Newton. I can't help but plug them enough.

Because, well...

...they rock. 'Nuff said.

For the naysayers to the video format (and those who meet it with indifference) - The next entry I do will return us to a standard text entry. I plan on doing more videos in the future - it's just that I think I'll take an entry or two off for a while. In the end, I'll probably just do one or two video entries a month. The idea is to do this in a mixed media sense for the future - most entries will be text with video entries popping up from time to time.

I'm all about trying to make everybody happy.

Also, just a reminder, there's an open Karma Challenge out there right now, so if you want to still get entries in, there's more than enough time.

I'm going to go grab a Diet Coke though...

...mmmm.... Diet Coke.
- Traegorn

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Do you really like those two songs, or did you just not feel like picking out different clips to use for opening and ending? I remember when you were all skeptical about their fancy cd, and now you loooooooove it so much!
Well, I might change the ending, but I like the opening because it works really well for a title card length-wise.

I don't think I was ever "skeptical" about the CD...  There are definitely some tracks that I don't like as much as others (you'll notice that the two songs I use are ones I've always said I liked), but frankly - the disc has grown on me as I've listened to it more.

I don't know - I think at this point I'm just trying to get Google to notice their site with the links. :P
It's still VERY aWkward. 
Honestly, go away.  You've said your piece, but unless you are willing to sign your comments or get a username at this site, you're just a troll whose opinion means jack and shit.

Quit your bitching and leave if you don't like what I'm doing.
Well I enjoy your video entries, Trae.  Very interesting.  Plus it gives me some connection back to E.C. since i've gone into "exile".
this is the first video entry ive seen of yours trea! i like them. its a better dose of trea than the written ones in the sense that WE CAN SEE YOU! its good to see trae during the off season of nbc. ill have to watch the other two now. keep them coming please!
And now for a completely different anonymous comment.

I saw your opinion of such things, expressed with such feeling, and yet I can't help myself.  So sorry, sir.

I enjoyed your excursions into video blogging and look forward to future installments.  There's a level of connection added by being able to watch someone as they share their thoughts that text lacks, which makes anything you share more interesting even to people completely unrelated to your life.  Also, you are a handsome fellow. 

And that concludes this anonymous and mostly useless bit of feedback. 
Well, I have no problem with anonymous comments - I just had a problem with the same person reposting the exact same complaint anonymously - and while I didn't know who the person was, I knew that it was a person local to me in real life based on the IP address.  Meaning, that someone who knew me personally was making sniping remarks and hiding behind my allowance of anonymous comments.

My anti-anonymous comments statement was mostly an expression of my frustration with passive aggressive behavior. :P

And actually, thank you very much for the feedback. :)
"Mother"? Really? You could've at least used some Misfits-era Danzig, like "Where Eagles Dare" or something.

I like the video blog. Although I may feel differently if I were currently in a position where I were hanging out with you in real life, because it does distinctly remind me of just hanging out with you, albeit a little less random. I encourage you to continue.

Trae Dorn
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