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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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The UnExciting Adventures of Trae
Posted Aug 23, 2006 - 13:32:17

So, I've been lax in updating this space - more than normal - and I think it's about time I got back to to posting about "what the heck I'm dong." 

...You know, because that's what I do. So, while most days I haven't done anything interesting at all, these are the highlights of the last week or so. Most likely things will pick up for me in the next few weeks, but for now - well - this is what you get.

1. My Brother Moved to Madison.
Well, this isn't really something that I did so much as "something that happened."  David moved to Madison as he starts law school at UW this fall.  This, of course, means that I am not allowed to become a lawyer - because the last thing my family needs is three kids who have poli sci undergrad degrees and are lawyers.

2. I Went to the Museum Last Week.
I went with Liz - and we wandered around for quite some time.  I love that museum - I just can't say that enough.  It makes me feel like a little kid every time I walk through the Streets of Old Milwaukee and the European Village.

3. Vanessa Makes a Mean Turkey Burger.
I hung out with Vanessa on Saturday, and we had turkey burgers and played videogames for a considereable amount of time.  The evening ended with the game of Trivial Pursuit that WOULD NOT END.  I'm not kidding... for the life of me I could not land in the center.  Eventually though, I did... and I won.

Trae knows Trivial Pursuit.

4. I Have New Jeans.
I do.  I know, it's not exciting at all, but hey - that's life.

5. I Took a Two Hour Walk Yesterday.
...and I'll probably do the same today.  I like walking - it's actually quite fun.  I zigzagged around many places I haven't been to in years.  I enjoyed it greatly.

6. Lost Chylde 9000 Has Some Interesting Ideas.
You guys sure have been teaching my AIMbot some really strange things.  And, you know, some of the stuff it says about people is just plain mean now... shame on you... even if it is hilarious. *grins*

7. I Need to Mow the Lawn.
I do.  It's getting far too long.

8. In a Week, I Head Back Home to Eau Claire.
Honestly, I'm both anticipating and dreading it.  It will be nice to get back to school and back to work though. There has been some shuffling in housing for the Hall Directors - which means I have to get to know someone new.  Ironically, it is the K.T. hall director who is new (Peter in Towers North got promoted, and Manda transfered up the hill) so I'll likely rarely see this new guy professionally, but I will encounter him daily... as you have to remember my room shares a wall with what is now his office.

Ah well, I have stuff I need to get done now...

- Traegorn

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don't worry trae, my life isn't exciting either. it's pretty predictable.
If you remember my birthday party, you know I also make a mean taco bar.
Befu - I don't mind the lack of excitement so much as I lack things to write about if nothing happens. :P

Vanessa - Yes, you in fact do make a mean taco bar.  You are also excellent at frying onions.

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